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Women that Hunt and Makeup

If you watch any hunting shows featuring women, you probably noticed many of them wearing makeup. I often feel conflicted when I see women on TV with makeup and big lashes. This is hunting after all, and I cannot imagine all of their makeup is scent free. Does we really need to enhance our natural features when heading out into nature? Well, I do wear makeup when hunting not because I’m trying to impress the trees but because it’s a part of me. I wake up every morning get dressed and do my makeup its apart of my daily routine. So, as a woman I understand wanting to wear makeup. If I were Melissa Bachmann or Tiffany Lakosky and made a living hosting my own national hunting show, I would wear some makeup too. Whether or not women should wear makeup when hunting is a debate that has been going on for what seems like a forever. Before writing this blog, I researched the topic and found plenty of websites and social media posts supporting both sides of the argument. I even discovered an article titled “Make-up Tips for Archery Hunting.” As it turns out, a lot of women do wear makeup when hunting. In fact, as the number of female hunters grows, this has become a new market for companies like Deaux Girl. I had traveled to Texas for a hunting event and noticed their booth showcasing a scent free makeup line. It was the first time I had ever heard of makeup specifically designed for women to wear while hunting. I was utterly amazed. So, I decided to try some. I bought the lotion, shampoo & conditioner, and several cosmetics. The products are really well created and leave my hair and skin soft and silky. The cosmetics also impressed me they are long lasting and look natural on my face. Even if I wanted to go bolder with my colors they have a wide selection of them. At this point I was sold so I went online to order some more and seen that not only were they selling makeup and hair care products. They were giving opportunities to women who wanted to get in, in this new industry of scent free makeup. I was completely sold so I decided to become a Deaux Girl. So, what do you think? Would you wear makeup while hunting if it were scent free? Please share your thoughts with me. Anyone interested in shopping and trying this scent free makeup line you can do so at
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