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Which Broadheads Do I Like For Wild Turkeys, And Why

My first priority for a broadhead relates to the the CUT the broadhead produces on the Gobblers I hunt.

A broadhead’s cut is critical. Of course, I want a broadhead that creates a lethal cut. But also, I want a generous cut. I think Big or Very Big is good, and definitely on a wild turkey. A wound from one of those nice flying super small cut broadheads can easily get plugged up with a turkey’s body feathers. if your gobbler flies away you’ll appreciate some blood spots to follow.

How well do your arrows fly with the broadhead on?

You want your arrows to fly smoothly with the broadheads on. Shoot a couple at 10 yards and also at 60-80 yards. Don’t worry about where they hit, you’re looking for smooth arrow flight. Wobbles and pitching up and down are no good. If your arrow wobbles or pitches get a different broadhead.

Then test two arrows, one with your broadhead and one with a field point. And be sure both the broadhead and field point hit alike. Shoot the arrows together and shoot 6 sets. If they fly poorly or do not group tightly get a different broadhead.

How do your arrows group?

Grouping is good. Anything else is unacceptable.

Is the broadhead’s penetration adequate?

Unlike in hunting deer, getting complete penetration isn’t your goal. An accurate shot in the vitals, smooth arrow flight and a big cut are your goals.

There can be issues when you shoot at a wild turkey.

Many times,depending on the gobblers angle,  it’s not clear exactly where the vitals are located. And it can be difficult when a gobbler is in full strut. A “Strutter” can give you a target that is 90% feathers.

Some Broadheads I’ve Used That I Didn’t Like.

Although I have hunted turkeys with them the small fixed blade broadheads maketoo small a cut, every rubber o-ring broadhead I’ve used had the o-ring break and the blades flopped around, and the Cut-Off-The-Head types didn’t shoot accurately for me when Magnus Bullhead sponsored my hunt in Nebraska. Also, I don’t like decapitating a majestic gobbler.

The Broadhead I use.

I got my first gobbler with an original Bear RazorHead back when I was in college, so I’ve bowhunted them a long time and used a bunch of different broadheads. I prefer the 2-inch cut expandable broadhead called the Whitetail Special. It is American Made and manufactured by Grim Reaper Broadheads. It has 3 different tips and they all get it done. I’ve downed dozens of gobblers with it, pus whitetail bucks and does, black bears and wild hogs. Here is a link for the latest Whitetail Special PRO with a bonebusting  tip with 3 razor sharp edges and front tip that is incredibly sharp.

Just because I can, here is a picture of one of the big Rio Grande gobblers I tagged while Fred Lutger and I were getting 10 Grand slams each.

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