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What Do Deer Eat On September 2?

We finally got a break in the intense drought. It was tough on the local deer herd and water and food were an issue. Last week we finally got a good rain. The very next day the native grass had a faint light greenish tint to it. It’s now September 2 (2022) and we’ve had several rains from a couple of storms and several long drizzles.

This morning a doe and its fawn meandered into one of my deer watching areas. The rain has really busted open the growth of native grass and local weeds of several types.

When the two deer came up close to where I was hiding I took video with my iPhone

You’ll notice that this doe still has its ribs showing. It is 9:22 in the morning and she is out and about. Her and her Fawn are hungry. (I got some close up video of her Fawn also. It’s coming later today. Along with iPhone pictures of a nice buck.)


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