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Utah Poacher Nabbed For Illegal Wyoming Tags

“But, but, I “feel” like a Wyoming resident.” Feelings are apparently not good enough for the Wyoming Game and Fish residency requirements. Shocker! 

Of course I’m being more than a little saucy here but the fact remains that poachers will do and say just about anything to avoid the long arm of the law. Thankfully Craig L. Hunt of Morgan Utah and his “feelings” will pay the price for illegally obtaining over two dozen resident Wyoming deer and elk tags thanks to the stalwart efforts of Wyoming Game and Fish investigators and wardens. 

Hunt is staring down over 20 years in prison and almost a quarter of a million dollars in fines for his “feelings”. Wonder how he feels now? 

Seriously though, I truly do not understand what makes people think that they can steal from the residents of any state by poaching their wildlife and punching a black eye onto the face of honest sportsmen and women. I personally waited the required year to become a Wyoming resident and it was well worth it. 

How long do you think it should take before residency status is granted, for any state? 


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