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Turkey Hunters: Lets Get Ready

Bowhunting Wild Turkeys 2022 | Scouting Deer | Videos |

Wild Turkeys offer a unique hunt that gives you a challenge no other wild game can match.

A wild turkey’s main defenses are its eyesight and their knowledge of the area where they live. So hunting them from the ground with a bow requires you to get really close to them — which begins with finding where they spend their time during the daylight.

Scouting For Gobblers

Researching, planning and pre-hunt scouting are number #1 on your Turkey Hunting To-Do List. Learning what wild turkey gobblers and hens are doing during your State’s Spring Turkey Season is essential, because that’s what helps you find locations where you can position yourself to intercept gobblers.

A bowhunter must find the wild turkeys exact travel routes, and then pick areas that offer concealment, and enough room to draw their bow. That means scouting as much as you can before the season. You want to learn how the wild turkeys in your area move around in your landscape.

Using Game-Cameras can support and supplement your scouting as well as verifying that wild turkeys are in the area. Choose spots with good cover, and plan how you can execute your hunts. Beginning with hunting roost areas in the morning, locating daytime activity areas and lastly finding night time roosts. And always ask yourself how you’ll reach a promising area without spooking turkeys.

Turkey Decoys

Turkeys are usually on the move from the time they fly down until they fly up to roost for the night. That makes it challenging to get a good shot. The closer the shot, the better, so—where legal—consider using a turkey decoy(s) to lure gobblers into range. Place your decoy at a known distance so you know the exact range. A good distance for a decoy is  8 to 15 yards.

The closer a gobbler is can make it harder for you to draw your bow unseen. If you draw recklessly, you’ll spook the bird.

Portable Ground Blinds

Webb encourages most beginner bowhunters to use a ground blind, which conceals the draw and other movements when turkeys get close. It’s easier to hunt turkeys from a ground blind.

Make sure you choose a ground blind with enough room inside to draw your bow. Check its windows and clear the ground inside so you can move quietly.




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