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Tim Wells Bowhunts Africa

Tracy Breen Interviews Tim Wells About Bow Hunting Africa.

By: Tracy Breen

Tim Wells from Relentless Pursuit TV has been to Africa bowhunting a dozen times. Over the years, he has learned a few things about bowhunting African game. I recently interviewed him about bowhunting in Africa and what first timers should know before they go.


Tim says many people get worked up about bow draw weight, kinetic energy and broadheads. Most people who bow hunt in Africa hunt Plains game which, according to Wells, is similar to hunting whitetails and elk in America. “Unless I am hunting dangerous game, I don’t get worked up about using super heavy arrows. The average bow setup that will take down a whitetail will take down plains game including Kudu or Impala,” Wells said. “I recently hunted in Africa and used my Oneida bow tipped with a Grim Reaper Whitetail Special.  The blood trails were amazing.”


Wells enjoys spot and stalk bowhunting but he believes if a person hasn’t bowhunted in Africa, he should focus on hunting over water. “Hunting over water is fun.  For starters, you get to see several different species of animals which is fun and exciting. The shots to the water hole are typically about 20-30 yards so it is similar to whitetail hunting, so the odds of success are extremely high,” Wells explained.


One of the main reasons Wells enjoys bowhunting in Africa is because you can kill several animals without breaking the bank. “People often hear that you can go to Africa and kill many  animals for the price of one guided elk hunt in America and think it is to good to be true, but it is true,” Wells said. “If a person shops around and talks with a few different outfitters, they can go on an amazing hunt without breaking the bank.  The hunt does not include the price of an airline ticket or getting animals mounted, but make no mistake: an African hunt is extremely reasonable.”

Tim Wells is living the dream, bowhunting Africa and ‘Watching ’em Drop’ with Grim Reaper Broadheads.

Is an African hunt on your bucket list? Take Tim’s advice and save up your money.  Go on the trip of a lifetime; you will be glad you did. “I love hunting in Africa. Unlike in America where you wait all season for that one shot opportunity, in Africa you often get shot opportunities every day, which is what makes it so much fun.

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