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Three Steps To Try Archery

By Scott Einsmann in Archery360.comn. Many sports require big initial investments to even to begin. But shooting your first arrow is easy and can be inexpensive. Just call a nearby archery store and you’ll be on your way to trying and enjoying a sport that could fascinate you for life.

Contact an Archery Shop

Archery shops are hubs for local archery knowledge, equipment repairs, and everything you need to get started in archery or bowhunting. They will offer archery lessons to get you off on the right track.

Building a relationship with an Archery shop is important. The store’s experts are your go-to resources for all things archery. You can’t simply pull a bow from its box and start shooting. You need an expert to set it up and make sure it’s properly fitted to you.

You can find a nearby archery shop with a quick internet search, or you can use our store locator by CLICKING HERE.

Seek Lessons and Programs

Get started with ARCHERY lessons. Photo Credit: ATA

Once you find a shop, ask about its lessons and programs. Many shops rent bows you can use for lessons. That’s a great way to try the sport and get instructions without jumping in and buying gear.

A 30-minute private lesson is a great introduction to shooting a bow. As you progress, you might like Group lessons; they are a fun, social way to try archery. Archery Shops have beginner group lessons for adults and youths.

Another way to try archery is through a program. Consider Explore Archery, Junior Olympic Archery Development, Scholastic 3D Archery, National Archery in the Schools Program, and Olympic Archery in the Schools.

Make Time, Start Shooting

When you attend your introductory lesson, you’ll find an instructor who’s ready to help. You’ll shoot your first arrows at close distances while you are learning archery’s basic techniques. As your skills increase, your accuracy will improve and you’ll shoot increasingly farther.

You won’t run laps or break a heavy sweat shooting archery, but you should dress appropriately. Wear closed-toed shoes like sneakers, and if your lesson is outdoors, dress for the weather but avoid baggy clothes that can catch the bowstring. If you have long hair, wear it in a ponytail or pull it away from your face.

Many people who try  tried archery want to participate by shooting in leagues and tournaments, or go Bowhunting. But right now, concentrate on taking archery lessons, and start thinking about the type of bow you want to shoot as you explore archery’s many disciplines.


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