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The Deer Woods Right Now

I’ve been buying Sony digital Cameras for over 20 years. But for the last few years they just haven’t been as dependable as they used to be. Their quality has fallen off too. So I spent some time online reading reviews and checking camera stats; researched all the new cameras. And I decided to purchase a Minaulta.

After it arrived I wanted to check it out. I waited until good daylight and walked around looking for deer to take pictures of. The sunlight spread around at ground level and I moved into the woods on a nearby deer trail. Bingo! A doe stood up 20 yards away and looked at me.

We both stood in place watching one another. What seemed like 2 or 3 minutes, but was probably only half a minute, the doe watched me. It was one of the does that has a lot of ribs showing. Surprisingly, she was not overly concerned about me and casually walked away.

I continued to walk through the trees and soon I noticed another doe. But I saw it first and carefully moved my camera viewfinder to my eye and took the doe’s picture.

I stayed frozen in place and the doe turned and continued walking and soon she was out of sight.

I cut over toward the fence line and walked slowly along it. A fawn and a doe came by me on the other side of the fence.

The doe and fawn passed by me and I hid myself behind some brush and leaves, and soon another doe came down the fence.

I continued along the fence and stopped behind some cover. Soon a doe walked past me on the way to the fence. She slid underneath the lowest wire and paused.

The doe looked around ahead of her.

I put my finger on the zoom button and zoomed just a touch. The doe looked around for a few seconds more and kept on going.

I kept moving through the woods. In 100 yards and noticed a browsing doe.

I took a couple of pictures and she looked straight at me.

Then she did a 180, paused for a few seconds and moved into the dark shadows.

When I got back home there was a doe in the shadows under a red oak tree in my front yard.

Ahhhhh. It’s cool to live in the deer woods.




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