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The best sleeping bags to keep you warm and cozy

Recharge after a long day outside.
Recharge after a long day outside. (Steve Halama via Unsplash/)

Very little can make or break a trip into the woods than proper sleep. If you’re too cold, your body will struggle overcoming the day’s activities and leave you drained for the next day. A heavy bag on a backpacking trip will leave you aching and a hot bag in the summer will lead to sweaty nights. Choose the best sleeping bag for each situation and get the z’s you need.

Skimp on weight, not warmth.
Skimp on weight, not warmth. (Amazon/)

Rarely will you find a sleeping bag that squishes down to only slightly larger than a Nalgene bottle, but this one does. And it will keep you warm in as cold as 20 degrees. The bag achieves incredible warmth while only weighing 22 ounces by trapping radiant body heat and insulation with 70 percent fill on the top and sides and 30 percent on the bottom. For those eco-friendly consumers, the fill is Responsible Down Standard Certified, meaning the waterfowl were treated humanely.

Stay warm and don’t break the bank.
Stay warm and don’t break the bank. (Amazon/)

This 20-degree bag will keep you warm in most situations, and at under 3 pounds is light enough to strap to your back for the deep woods. It might not be as light as some of the high-end bags, but it’s also much more affordable. If you need a bag for car camping, backpacking or even sleeping in the backyard under the stars and you’re on a budget, give it a try.

Cuddle anywhere.
Cuddle anywhere. (Amazon/)

Tired of trying to fit two sleeping bags together in a tent, resulting in one of you inevitably uncovered and cold? This sleeping bag, marketed as a sleeping bed, may be your answer. Zipper-less design increases comfort. A sleeve for a sleeping pad keeps you and your boo off the ground all night. A self-sealing foot vent offers fast and easy ventilation. Take the comfort of your bed into the woods.

Stay warm, sleep well.
Stay warm, sleep well. (Amazon/)

At a little over 5 pounds, you’re not likely to pack this far into the backcountry. But if what you need is an affordable way to stay warm when it’s legitimately cold, this is your bag. The SpiraFil High Loft Insulation stays warm even when wet. The wave-construction top and blanket construction bottom provides the best warmth and comfort. Two zippers give you maximum options for staying warm and ventilating when needed.


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