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Bruce Ryan of Ryan Outdoors

In an earlier article on I discussed the need to provide minerals for Whitetails and wildlife. Plus, I passed on the information as how and when I start these Mineral sites for the best results.

One of the added benefits to us hunters and outdoor enthusiasts is using a trail camera to take pictures of the sites. The Trail Cameras  provide pictures of the variety of species that actually visit these sites and their surrounding areas.

My most recent pictures also point out a need for some predator control on my hunting lease. In the picture bellow you see a newborn fawn in the jaws of a mature coyote!

This mature Coyote has recent Fawn in it’s jaws.

The next photo showed several young coyotes in the very same area but during night time.

Unchecked, this sudden proliferation of coyotes can lead to major predation on a new year’s crop of fawns.

Trail Camera[MP:06]My Lucky Buck Mineral sites also enables me to keep track of Antler growth and the numbers of Bucks in my hunting areas.

A mature buck with his velvet rack during mid June. He is at the Lucky Buck site during the daytime.

I am convinced that providing minerals definitely aids in the ability to produce better bucks and overall healthier deer of all ages.

Two bucks visiting another Lucky Buck site during early morning.

This time of the year is critical to the female does that are lactating and providing food for their recently born fawns. The additional minerals I put out is a boost for their nutritional needs. By checking my trail cameras, I can see the heavy use of my mineral sites by both pregnant Doe and mothers with fawns.

Summer is also a great time to enjoy photos and sightings of Black bears and Momma bears closely guarding their newly born cubs. It also seems apparent that bears are not opposed to sampling the minerals, likely being attracted by the apple aroma of my Lucky Buck offerings.

A mature black bear sow with her lattest cubs.

Maybe all of this is just a justification for my spending time in the summertime woods and enjoying the solitude they offer. It is exciting and yet relaxing to enjoy this time of year while being surrounded by nature at its best, it and surely beats sitting in a chair watching TV!  So, get out there and start some minerals and hang a few trail cameras and make your hunting season so much longer.

Bruce Ryan
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Ryan Outdoors


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