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Stuffed Venison With Bacon And Gravy

Wow! There won’t be any leftovers when you bring this great looking, great tasting venison meal to the table. Hannah McCauley of Whitetail Heaven Outfitters knows how to prepare and cook venison so it’s tender, juicy and delicious.

She uses the backstrap for this particular dish. Hanna cuts a lengthwise slit in each section of venison and inserts her stuffing, which she shows you how to make. Then she rolls the backstrap up and, first, she puts it on a hot grill and sears the meat.

(Below:) The pan on the far right is Hanna’s special gravy. The next destination for the bacon wrapped, stuffed venison is the oven. Overcooking venison can dry out the meat so one of the extra good things about watching Hanna’s cooking video is she knows how long and at what heat you want to cook venison on the grill and in the oven.

Meanwhile she makes perfect mashed potatoes. Lastly, when the meat comes out of the oven Hanna cuts it into healthy slices, plates it, adds the mashed potatoes and then cascades the gravy on.

It looks great doesn’t it. Absolutely fit for a bowhunting deerhunter.



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