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Straight Shot: Sportsmen For Trump in 2020

President Donald J. Trump is a friend to Sportsmen and Women of our Country!

Howdy and welcome back to the “Straight Shot Blog”. I’ve enjoyed writing for Bowhunting.Net for a few decades now and it’s always great to be a part of archery history. Robert Hoague, the founder, was a true visionary and had the very first archery-only website on the world wide web – clear back in 1996. He is an archery pioneer and was the first to see the potential of this new medium. I told him that he had single-handedly invented an “electronic” campfire that was going 24/7 all over the world where bowhunters could gather and share stories, photos, successes, and failures in the field, and anecdotes. It has allowed me a place to share my adventures on the road performing instinctive archery exhibitions and share the places I go and folks I meet along the way. It’s also been a place where we have documented the stories of some of archery’s greatest living legends in their own words with the “Celebrity Interviews.”

Chris Carr Trump Team

Frank with RNC and Trump Victory Campaign Political Director Chris Carr in Washington, DC.

Due to the Covid virus, I have been unable to perform my shows since March, which means I have missed walking out on stage and doing what I do. However, I have been fortunate to have been invited onto the National Board for Sportsmen for Trump.

I joined about 30 folks from across the United States to speak out on behalf of President Donald J. Trump and how he has been a friend to the Sportsmen and women of this country. I would add he’s also been a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. If you notice, the President puts the spotlight on the criminal and not the gun.

Matthew Brasseaux

With Matthew Brasseaux in Washington, DC. Matthew is the Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives Trump Victory Campaign.

I’ve been a surrogate speaker at some virtual events across the country. In April, I was humbled to join Don Trump, Jr. as a speaker to a group of outdoorsmen/women in Wisconsin. This was a virtual event, but at the end of the program we enjoyed talking archery and he shared with me that he uses Hoyt Archery trad bows and compounds. Fred Bear would have loved having a President’s son in archery! Don Trump, Jr. is a bowhunter and sportsman of the highest degree.

Prior to Covid, I was going to be flying to campaign events across the country and helping to crowd build with my shows. Hoyt built a special, one of a kind bow for these appearances with a beautiful red, white and blue riser. This bow is very special and I’ve shown it off on the virtual speeches I’ve done for the campaign. I even have some special arrows too with the Trump logo and red, white, and blue feathers. This bow and these arrows will be retired after the campaign in 2020.

Trump Bow

Trump Bow

So what exactly has President Trump done for the Sportsmen of America? He signed the Great American Outdoors Act marking the single largest investment in our National Parks and public lands in history. This bill provides $900 million a year in guaranteed funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and nearly $10 billion for long-delayed maintenance projects, repairs, and upgrades to our National Parks. In addition to this, he has also added 4 million acres nationwide to expand hunting and fishing opportunities.

I could list many other examples of what this President has done to promote and expand sportsmen/women’s opportunities and protect these activities. In addition to two great Supreme Court Judges, President Trump has seated more than 300 federal judges across the country that will support and protect the Second Amendment. Recently, he has nominated another Supreme Court Justice. President Trump has been a loud and consistent supporter of your Second Amendment rights.

Now, as we wind this column down, do you want to be a part of this great effort? It’s easy! First and most important, VOTE! We need every single vote and yours counts. Check your hunting and fishing calendar and make certain you are going to be able to be home and then vote on election day. If you will be traveling, please make arrangements to vote early or vote via an absentee ballot. We have the largest grass-root campaigns in history and you can step-up and become a part of the effort. How? You start out by visiting and signing up. Next, get your families and friends involved so that they vote. You can make calls, send emails, talk to your hunting and fishing buddies, and use social media to help promote the President’s re-election.

Sportsmen For Trump

Personally, I am very humbled to play a small role in this historic effort. President Trump supports our military, law enforcement, and law and order. He’s returned “Merry Christmas” to a happy holiday kind of town. He is also the first President in my lifetime to attend the March for Life. And in speech after speech, he speaks his support for the Second Amendment.

I told Don Jr. that his father may just be the “straightest shooter” ever because he speaks from his heart and calls it as he sees it. Like my friend Ted Nugent, the President may not always be the most polished or politically correct speaker, but he has a huge heart for this country and our people, and he will defend freedom and our way of life daily with the stamina of a man half his age.

My friends, this is why I am so very proud to say, together with President Trump, we will continue to be that shining city on a hill Reagan spoke of… and together we will all Make America Great Again.

Until next time, Adios and God Bless you.
Frank Addington

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