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Step 4- Hunt Smarter!

We’ve all heard the expression; Hunt Smarter, Not Harder! Well, what if you could actually do both and just Hunt Better! With a subscription to Eastmans’ Hunting Journals you can simply Hunt Better!

Each issue of both Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals is jam packed with features from hunters like you who share their stories to not only entertain you but for you to learn from. Add to that expert tips and tactics from our staff writers and you’ve got mountains of expertise and knowledge right at your fingertips.

For example, Guy Eastman’s articles on scouting and locating specific species will get you on the fast track to finding more game. This is where the hunt smarter side of your subscription comes into play. By learning how the experts approach each and every hunt you’ll have a leg up when it comes time for your own western adventure.

Combining expert knowledge with tips and tactics for everything from field judging sheep to sealing the deal on a bugling bull elk is what we do everyday at Eastmans’ Hunting Journals. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the leader in western big game hunting and get started today on your road to Hunting Better!

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