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Spice up your meat with these four rubs

Spice up your life.
Spice up your life. (Keep Your Darlings via Unsplash/)

We know, some cuts of beef or filets of fish are sacrosanct. No one should put anything on them, no less a flavored rub. But if you’re not grilling filet mignon every night, or you are but want to try something a little different, we have some options. Start light and see what you think, then layer it on if you like what you try. We think you will.

Whatever you unearthed in your freezer, put some of this on it.
Whatever you unearthed in your freezer, put some of this on it. (Amazon/)

This rub is marketed to go on anything, and they mean anything. You can go traditional, and mix it in with your burger or sprinkle it over a steak or roast. But you can also toss it with some popcorn if you’re thinking about a savory snack and add it to a salad for something a little different. Consider this your goes-on-anything, improves-most-everything rub.

Buy it for steaks, keep it for other meat.
Buy it for steaks, keep it for other meat. (Amazon/)

Look to the Santa Maria Steak Seasoning to give your steaks the perfect combination of garlic, pepper and spicy chilies with the right amount of sea salt. It not only adds a little spice and smoke, but also enhances the meat’s natural flavor. Use it on steaks, but also consider it for grilled pork, chicken and even vegetables.

Take your salmon to the next level.
Take your salmon to the next level. (Amazon/)

Crafted with a blend of paprika, thyme and brown sugar, this rub was inspired by the salmon it’s intended to flavor. It has all-natural ingredients and doesn’t include any MSGs. Save it mostly for trout and salmon, but keep it around for pork, steaks or chicken wings. If you’re wondering how restaurants get that smokey flavor, this is likely it.

For when you want it hot.
For when you want it hot. (Amazon/)

When you want food spicy, but you also want a variety, this five-pack is hard to beat. It includes adobo seasoning, jerk, lemon fire, soul food and spicy Cajun, Creole. Use it on basically anything you’re grilling from vegetables to shrimp or consider it for homemade jerky, pizza or mixed into a marinade. We just recommend you start light before layering it on thick.


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