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Silent Knight Arrow Vanes From Flex-Fletch

Silent Knight is the revolutionary new Arrow Vane from Flex-Fletch Products

As a life-long bow and arrow shooter, and a dedicated whitetail deer and wild turkey bowhunter, I’m always interested in new gear, and particularly in completely new products that will help me shoot better, more accurately, and be more consistent. At the ATA Archery Trade Show in January, my friend Vince Grundman from Flex-Fletch Products showed me a new twist on the popular arrow vane for fletching arrows. It’s called the Silent Knight™ vane. It is very impressive and it definitely can help us shoot better, more accurately, and be more consistent as bowhunters.

Whitetail deer hearing is acute to the nth degree. If noise is made, even the faintest sound, deer can hear it. Add to that their fraction of one second reaction time, plus the fact that they are always on alert and one step away from topping 40 mph it’s not puzzling that thousands of bowhunters experience their arrows miss. The new Silent Knight™ vanes are wholly designed to suffocate the sound of the arrow in flight. Silent Knight™ vanes use the very newest materials and incorporate unique design features, plus extensive product testing that results in spectacular arrow flight improvement that dramatically reduces misses.

*Independent sound studies prove that the Silent Knight™ vanes make just half the sound of any other vane, period.

Flex-Fletch Bowhunter

Remarkably, thanks to the aerodynamic shape of Silent Knight™ vanes, their thin tapered design and thoroughly smooth surface, arrows fletched with Silent Knight™ 3-inch vanes are a full 2-fps faster than the same arrows fletched with a 2-inch thermoformed vane!

The exclusive precision RIM molding manufacturing process makes Silent Knight™ vanes 30% thinner and with a much greater taper than the thermoformed vanes. And, the Sliqtra™ cured memory resin is much smoother (and more slippery) than other vanes. All of this contributes to the dramatic reduction of in-flight drag.

Remarkably, thanks to the aerodynamic shape of Silent Knight™ vanes, their thin tapered design and unique extra smooth surface, all arrows fletched with Silent Knight™ 3-inch vanes are a full 2-fps faster than the same arrows fletched with 2-inch thermoformed vanes!

Silent Knight™ 3-inch vanes offer 41% more total surface area. This results in significantly improved and more stable arrow flight which allows you to accurately shoot fixed-blade broadheads or mechanical broadheads.

Arrow Vanes

Testing shows that Silent Knight™ vanes reduce aerodynamic drag resulting in a noticeable reduction in lateral wind drift. This is a leg-up for bowhunters shooting at longer distances or competition shooters.

When your arrow is shot, if vanes make contact with your bow or arrow rest, that contact can result in terrible arrow flight — yet it is difficult to diagnose. That’s why lower profile vanes are so much better – they dramatically reduce the potential for this unwanted contact to occur.

Thermoformed vanes frequently exhibit a built-in lean that causes shooting issues, especially with arrows fletched offset or helical. Silent Knight™ vanes have no built-in lean.

Sliqtra™ is the cured memory resin used to make Silent Knight™ vanes, Sliqtra™ has a higher memory or bounceback factor than other vanes, meaning it will always quickly return to its original shape (unlike thermoformed vanes which commonly take on a permanent curl). Sliqtra™ ensures shooting consistency right away and over time.

Because of the exceptional consistency offered by the RIM manufacturing of Silent Knight™ vanes, these vanes have much tighter weight tolerances than thermoformed vanes can have. This is another performance factor, especially for competitive shooters.

You can get more information about the new Silent Knight Vanes at Here’s our video coverage from the ATA Show.



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