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Reliable, high-performance gloves to keep your hands functional in bitter cold

Warm hands mean longer days doing what you love.
Warm hands mean longer days doing what you love. (Bonnie Kittle via Unsplash/)

Too often we make excuses for why we stop working and playing when it gets cold. At the top of the list is numb digits. Our fingers don’t work, we say. Frostbite is a real concern. We don’t have the right gear. Toss those excuses aside and invest in the clothes you need to keep you warm—and that starts with gloves. We found four that will keep you warm and functional through whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

Feel your trigger.
Feel your trigger. (Amazon/)

Look at these gloves as an investment in your hands and in your table fare. A flap covering the fingers keeps your hands toasty while you walk and wait. The fingers are warm enough to keep the chill away but thin enough to allow you to feel confident shooting. GORE Windstopper covering the gloves will save your hands from a biting breeze and leather palms provide a no-slip grip for holding your rifle or shotgun.

Keep warm and stay on the job.
Keep warm and stay on the job. (Amazon/)

Anyone who has swung a hammer on a 0-degree day knows the right pair of gloves is the difference between getting the job done and spending hours in pain. That’s why these gloves are well suited to hard, outside work with laminated wind barrier and Thinsulate insulation formulated to trap warm air. They also have ripstop reinforcement to repel water and prevent rips and tears. And don’t worry about taking them off for a phone call, one finger on each glove has a touchscreen-compatible pad.

Stay warm as you reel them in.
Stay warm as you reel them in. (Amazon/)

Some of the best fishing can be during cold weather. But the combination of water, wind, and below-freezing temperatures is brutal on fingers and hands, and ordinary gloves just don’t cut it. That’s why these Orvis foldover shells are the perfect solution. Mitts keep your fingers warm when you’re not fiddling with flies or lures. When you need the perfect touch, fold the top back and you have access to your fingertips. For the price, buy two and keep the other stored in your pack.

Worry about your lines, not your hands.
Worry about your lines, not your hands. (Amazon/)

Nothing beats GORE-TEX for warmth and water resistance in the backcountry. These gloves have that plus extra insulation and a removable liner. They’re abrasion-resistant and have four-way stretch to keep you nimble. The goat-leather palm and palm patch allow you to grip your poles, skis or board and foam padding on the knuckles provides impact protection.


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