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Portable Blinds For Wild Turkey Bowhunters

When hunting wild turkeys from a ground blind I take the same approach as hunting whitetail deer and antelope, with the exception that scent detection is not an issue.  However, concealment, eliminating noise and movement is a major priority.  Turkeys have excellent eyesight and a superior ability to detect movement

When hunting from a portable ground blind, here are a few tips and details I always pay close attention to 

Author proves doing the right things can have positive results.

Even the roomiest Portable Ground Blinds have limited floor space…..therefore your shot flexibility is limited.

I place my gear such as packs, extra clothing, food, water, etc. towards the very front of the blind.  This allows more room to position myself further back from the shooting window and reduce the possibility of a wild turkey seeing my movement and detecting me.  Because I prefer to shoot from my knees, all I have to do is fold my chair and slide it forward to maximize the shooting floor space. Using shoot through mesh over the windows is a good idea; also, I wear clothing that mirrors the interior of the blind or a dark neutral color. Blind placement is very important.  Try to determine the direction of the approaching gobbler.  Hunting from farm areas or on private ground makes it much easier to pattern wild turkeys….understanding how they use an area allows for a more accurate prediction for your setup. I like to place a blind in an area where approaching birds will have to pass from the left or right in front of the shooting window to access the decoys.  If possible, position yourself on the same side of the blind that the birds are approaching from.  This will give you an opportunity to draw your bow in a concealed location which will help decrease detection. A common mistake bowhunters make is forgetting the arrow shaft is lower than the bow-sight ….therefore it is very easy to send an arrow shaft through the wall of the blind.  Take a moment to make sure your arrow will clear the shooting window. Archers should plan shots on non-strutting turkeys….strutting gobblers appear larger than they are.  At the sound of the bow string wild turkey often drop down a few inches causing a high hit or a missed shot.  A gobbler in strutting position can create an illusion confusing the archer on the actual location of the vital area.

Hope these tips are helpful…..good shooting and hunting!

Ron Gaines

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