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Outdoor tables for any surface need

Play a game or lay out a feast.
Play a game or lay out a feast. (The Digital Marketing Collaboration via Unsplash/)

Sure, some campsites come with their own tables. But anywhere outside a formal campground won’t, and as much as we pretend stumps are just as good as tables, they’re not. Neither are most rocks. If you’re car camping you may as well be comfortable, so bring along a surface perfect for cooking, eating and playing poker. Your back and knees will thank you for not squatting to cook, and your family will thank you when they can sit and eat without food in their laps.

Drinks go under the table.
Drinks go under the table. (Amazon/)

Evenings can be long in camp. Bring along this table to give you and your buddies or family a place to sit and play games when the day is done. The foldable table is light—just 7 pounds—and has a convenient shelf underneath for storage and, most importantly, for beverages. The corner buckle design also gives you quick set-up and allows you to adjust the top for tautness.

All the bells and whistles.
All the bells and whistles. (Amazon/)

Cook on one level and chop, slice, or stir on another. With this expandable table, you can even store extra food underneath and keep the whole operation illuminated with a lantern hung from above. This table offers it all, and more. It’s called a “pack-away portable kitchen” for a reason. It really is like a kitchen in the woods. The table also folds tightly together into a compact case that fits in the trunk of a car or backseat of a truck. Why skimp on luxury in the woods?

Roll it up or roll it out.
Roll it up or roll it out. (Amazon/)

You aren’t likely to bring most tables with you on a trek into the woods or trip down the river. But this one is so light—between 1.8 and 3.2 pounds—you can strap it to a backpack and bring it along. It’s a perfect solution for a shore lunch table or backcountry spot to keep food off the ground. Made out of aluminum, it can still hold up to 55 pounds. It’s also easy to clean and is quick to assemble.

Buy what you need.
Buy what you need. (Amazon/)

Sometimes all you need is a table with four straight legs. The top rolls up on this one, and the legs fold down. No cross legs mean you and others eating can fit your knees comfortably underneath. It’s relatively lightweight and is easy to toss in a vehicle and store in your closet. Keep it around inside for nights you need more room at home, too.


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