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Opening Day Wild Boar

The beast is dead! Long live the mighty beast!

No deer today, but I was able to knock this big wild boar hog down.

My first arrow looked like a perfect quartering away shot. But I could still see the arrow in him as he ran away. I heard a crash and figured he was done. Boy, was I wrong…

I knocked another arrow and walked over to the area I last saw him, as I can around the corner, I could hear chomping. He was staring right at me only 15 yards away, chomping his cutters at me, pissed off as he could be.

I put another arrow in him, but it didn’t even phase him. The next thing I knew, he was charging right at me 100mph. So, I pulled my 9mm, and gave him all I had. Luckily, my 5th shot hit him right between the eyes and he dropped at my feet.

Probably the craziest hunt I’ve ever had! What a way to start the season!

Wild boar Mexican chorizo coming right up… who’s hungry?


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