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Must-have items for your new boat

Necessary boat buys.
Necessary boat buys. (Roberto H via Unsplash/)

So you bought a boat—congratulations. Now think about what you need inside of it. While options for boat gear are nearly endless, and depend often on what you’re doing, a few staples for any boat—especially a fishing boat—apply. Consider these before you launch into the big blue.

Keep your stuff dry.
Keep your stuff dry. (Amazon/)

Pack this thing full of any item you need on the water, close the zipper, and don’t worry another moment. The YETI bag is 100 percent dry with waterproof zippers and a U-dock to ensure a complete seal. The shell is high-density nylon and the lamination is puncture and abrasion resistant. No matter what you throw at this, or throw this into, your gear stays dry.

Keep your phone alive.
Keep your phone alive. (Amazon/)

Take this with you on a boat, in the mountains, or on the trail and it will charge your devices. Three USB ports allow you to charge three items at a time. Expect enough power to charge a iPhone X3 up to 7.4 times and a Galaxy S0 Plus about 5.7 times. Recharge the battery pack with the sun, or if you think about it, plug it into an outlet.

Let this do the work for you.
Let this do the work for you. (Amazon/)

If you plan to do much fishing off of your boat, consider this rod holder. It allows you to set a line, prop your rod in the brace and kick back. The durable build will last you for years. It also has a spring-loaded, auto-locking base. A quick and easy release ensures when you do get a bite, you can be the one to reel it in.

Stay in place.
Stay in place. (Amazon/)

An anchor may seem like a simple item, and it is, but it’s also a critical one. Go with the best. This high-grade, manganese steel anchor is perfect for any smaller watercraft. It’s also self-launching. It’s not too big to be in the way, but big enough to keep you stopped whenever you need to be.


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