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Morrell Targets announces the introduction of the new Transformer 3D deer target. The Transformer 3D target is unlike any target currently on today’s market. Starting with, the vital area is made of High Roller Foam which is Morrell Targets’ most durable foam ever. High Roller foam is durable, self- healing, and provides easy arrow removal.

The vital area/midsection on the new Transformer 3D target is made of High Roller foam. This target is actually a stand alone target. Bowhunters often shoot at a 3D target when they shoot in the backyard. When they head to deer camp, they bring a portable target. The Transformer target is two targets in one.

When it is time to head to deer camp, the vital area/midsection can be removed from the 3D target and brought to camp. The removable target comes with a handle that is lightweight and easy to transport.

“The Transformer target eliminates the need for bowhunters to buy multiple targets,” Tanner Morrell noted. “Now bowhunters can simply remove the midsection from their Transformer 3D target and head to camp. Best of all, the target is made using our popular High Roller foam, which bowhunters love.”

Learn more about the Transformer Target from Morrell Targets at

Estimated MSRP: $299


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