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Mechanical Broadheads NOW LEGAL In ALL 50 STATES

At Last! Although they were introduced over 30 years ago, mechanical broadheads are finally  legal in all 50 of the United States. The final stand out was Idaho, and Idaho has now legalized bowhunters to use mechanical broadheads to harvest big game.

“Unlike early models, where material short comings and poor designs compromised lethality, today’s mechanical broadheads are more fatal then ever and have proven themselves to be extremely reliable and durable on all of North America’s big game animals,” said FeraDyne Outdoors Chief Commercial Officer Jon Syverson. FeraDyne Outdoors is the parent company of Rage, Muzzy, Wac Em and Rocky Mountain broadheads.

According to FeraDyne, advancements in both design and materials have led stalwart states into reversing previous opinions on the lethality of mechanical heads. With numerous studies and field-proven citizen science, Syverson says there’s no question as to the impact modern-day mechanical broadhead designs have on recovery and success on big game.

The brands under the FeraDyne Outdoors umbrella bring to market a wide variety of mechanical and hybrid mechanical broadhead designs from Rage, Muzzy, Wac Em and Rocky Mountain. Through the use of premium titanium, stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, broadhead ferrules have never been stronger or more consistent.

Modern custom-hardened steel blades are sharp, durable and devastating upon delivery. With a variety of blade angle configurations, tip styles and grain weights in the marketplace, there are mechanical broadheads that fit the requirements of nearly all bowhunters regardless of individual gear setup.


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