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Man vs. YETI

Yeti didn’t technically ask us to torture test their new One Gallon Jug but their marketing artwork more or less challenged us to do it. Not being people who like to shirk our responsibility as Yeti’s partners we thought that it was important to test the “we dare you.” That dare was enough to get a few of our appetites for destruction salivating. 

So we threw the jug out of a one ton Dodge Ram at 90 MPH into an asphalt paved emergency turn off. The double walled jug survived the fast tumble, not once but twice. The only damage to the jug was some scuffing and some road rash on the handle.

*** No interns were harmed while the water filled jug bounced down the pavement, but they were tested in advance for their dodging ability. Raises were also discussed after the event.***

Needing to up the stakes it was decided that Ken Griffey Jr. imitations were needed to see if the side walls would hold their quarry and if the bottom could stand up to blunt force impact. Yeti’s latest offering held and held the water. Which brought us to the final two integrity tests for the Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug: The bow and arrow and shotgun tests.

To see how the jug faired you will need to press play on the video below and give it a watch. Hopefully you have as much fun watching as we did putting the Yeti One Gallon Jug through the paces.



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