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As hunters we tend to feel like we are a little more prepared for the worst-case scenario than the average human being. In some senses, we probably are, in particular in our abilities to acquire our own sustainable protein. But what if being prepared is far more than just having a year’s stash of meat in the freezer? What if being prepared is a lot more like “prepping”? 

I submit to you that being prepared is a mindset in all circumstances rather than just how much food and ammunition you have in your basement. For instance, until I had hunted with a friend who served in the special forces and had done two tours in Iraq as a medic, I had never considered the importance of bringing a tourniquet and wound pack on a rifle hunt. He brought them along and it changed my mentality about such things and there is a tourniquet with me on every hunt and in both of my vehicles.

This change in mindset is what propelled me to reach out to Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival several years ago when I first encountered his social media. I knew that the Eastmans’ Audience would love what Fieldcraft has to offer. Fieldcraft Survival has media, live teaching, and products that are designed to help the everyday American live a prepared life under all circumstances. 

Glover and his team teach that preparation is a mindset that gives you the ability to not just survive a situation but rather to be the backbone of preparedness in your family and community to help it thrive. That begins with training and we had the privilege to have three instructors from their team come to our home base and teach our team pistol fundamentals. We had beginning shooters up to experienced handgun shooters and every one of us walked away with new skills and mindsets that made us much more capable with a pistol. 

However, they don’t just teach pistol courses. Want to take your marksmanship to the next level with your rifle? They offer that too. Want to learn about basic first aid and safety? Got you covered. Want to learn how to navigate land with nothing but a compass and map? That is on the list as well. If it involves being more prepared Fieldcraft Survival has it covered and Kevin Estella who has been a contributing author to EHJ has been growing the courses offered every opportunity he can.

But what about after the learning? Where do you get the things that you need to be more prepared, such as a solid med kit? Fieldcraft offers mobile medkits, backpacking medkits, and much more. Most recently they have hosted some worst-case scenario courses that teach how to survive in a situation where you have nothing more than what is in a ziplock baggie. Fieldcraft also teaches what you should have on your person at all times and they offer the right products for those scenarios. 

What if you can’t attend classes in person? Their community on Locals is the perfect place to grow and develop many of the skills that can make you prepared in the backcountry for anything or for the everyday emergencies that life can throw your way. 

For these reasons and more, we are proud to partner with Fieldcraft Survival, watch for more podcasts, articles, and collaborations coming in the future!

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