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Keystone Backwoods Repellent & Coverscent

Keystone Backwoods all natural repellent & coverscent all in One. Perfect for archery season, but can be worn all hunting, trapping seasons. This product was worn by 3 customers of mine in 2016 archery season & 3 bucks were taken using this product. "GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" Go to for complete product info/directions. Make sure to check out how this product works to repel insects. Check out the "TICK EXPERIMENTS" resulting in 5 DEAD TICKS after 24 hrs. I STRIVE to provide my customers & future customers with an excellent All Natural repellent, which is better for us, ecosystem, wildlife, aquatic species, pets, etc. "FREE SHIPPING ON ALL THE REPELLENTS" Thanks Vaughn's Nursery
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