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Justin Cearlock And Huge Bucks

I just truly enjoy managing deer and observing their behavior and feel like I’ve had some success lately. For those of you who enjoy creating and maintaining scrapes, I started this set of scrapes in 2019.

The last 2 years the deer have used the above licking branch year round. In the last week I had over 2000 pictures. In that time there were 10 different bucks using it; at least 3 bucks were 5 years or older, and lots were of does and fawns.

I really hope to add a horizontal rub next year just for the photo and video opportunities. The 11 point typical is no more than 4 years old, I actually thought he might only be 2 last year, but this year’s pictures make me think he’s 4.

With the pressure we’ve received lately and the amount of ground he covered last year, I don’t expect him to make it through the season and wouldn’t blame anyone for shooting him, but if he can somehow make it one more year, he should be a net B&C next year.

I can’t say enough about Buck Fever Synthetics scents. I’ve never received a thing from this company, but I’m telling you it works! I put their forehead scent on the branches everytime I’m there. I also use their Pre/Post and Full Rut scent in the scrape.

I also piss in the scrape every time I’m there. I was really wishing I would have changed this camera to video when I checked it today. There are definitely things that can make certain mock scrapes better than others, but if you can find the right spot, the results are amazing.

The next 10 days or so, you better be hunting scrapes and get your cameras on them!


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