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Hunting Essentials

You hunters out there are very serious about your equipment. You have to be. Safety is your number one priority, so whatever you purchase must be of high quality and reliable. That’s why you research what you need carefully. And, sometimes you have to invest in certain items. But, again, that’s because you need to make safety a priority. You’re handling guns and ammunitions. You also want to protect your body and make sure you are always accurate.

Gun Racks

Many hunters use either an ATV or a UTV whenever they go out. They’re extremely convenient for getting out to the best sporting sites. If you are such a hunter, installing a Gun Rack in your vehicle is one of the best safety investments you’ll ever make.


Hurting your back lifting game onto your ATV or UTV will ruin your entire day, no matter how great. And, a nasty back injury can knock you down for days, perhaps even weeks and, even after you feel better, your back will always remain vulnerable to re-injury. Prevent one altogether with a Loader.

Camo Glasses

Attractive eyes are nice, but not when it comes to hunting. The hunt is not the time for the whites of your or eyes to give you away. Camo Glasses prevent that. They also add a safety bonus by keeping debris from getting into your eyes.

Louisiana Guard Dog

For those who need to move their ATV or UTV to another location, a Louisiana Guard Dog keep their ATV or UTV safe and secure during transport.

Unique Outdoor Products

At Unique Outdoor Products, you can get all the above items. Unique Outdoor Products sells only the best brands, at the best prices.

Gun Racks

Unique Outdoor Products offers the following gun racks:

• Great Day Power-Pak Gun Rack: this ATV front rack has soft sponge-lined cradles and Velcro retention straps.

• Great Day QuickDraw Overhead Gun Rack: this overhead UTV gun rack utilizes an “opposing forces” mounting design, which installs quickly and easily without drilling or other changes to the vehicle frame.

• Great Day UTV Overhead Gun Case Rack: this overhead UTV gun case rack utilizes an “opposing forces” mounting design, which installs quickly and easily without drilling or other changes to the vehicle frame. Numerous USA states and Canada require firearms to be stored in enclosed cases during transport.

• Great Day Tall Man Rack: designed for tall hunters who constantly hit their heads on standard gun racks. It utilizes an “opposing forces” mounting design, which installs quickly and easily without drilling or other changes to the vehicle frame.

• Great Day Quick-Draw Vertical Gun And Case Racks: lets you secure your gun with or without a case. Features soft foam-lined cradles and Velcro straps.

• Great Day Quick-Draw Locking Gun Rack: “stand up” design rack securely stores your gun and, at the same time, provides fast access. Operates with a simple key-locking or electronic device. Ideal for law enforcement and private security.

• Sporting Clays UTV Gun Rack: adjustable eight-pound rack for UTVs with cargo beds. Holds gun in an upward angle.

• Power Ride Gun Rack: rear mounting UTV gun rack. Available in three sizes. Two wing-knob installations mount and detaches quickly and easily.


Unique Outdoor Products offers the following loaders:

• ATV Power Loader: This twenty-nine pound loader lifts deer, plus toolboxes, bales, ice chests, firewood, camping gear, etc. (up to 250 pounds). When not in use, the loader easily folds over the front of the ATV and serves as a rack.

• Tilt-N-Tote Game Loader: can be mounted on the front or rear of an ATV or the hitch receiver of a UTV, or, with a truck adapter, mounted to a truck hitch. It can manage 250 pounds.

Camo Glasses

Unique Outdoor Products carries wrap around Camo Glasses made of sturdy polycarbonate, which meets FDA requirements for impact resistance, and have lenses that reduce glare and surface reflection, which lessen eye fatigue allow more light to pass through. The water resistant, durable frames also come with non-slip nose pieces.

Unique Outdoor Products offers the following Camo Glasses:

CamoVision Glasses with Hi Performance AR lens and CamoVision CV Glasses with AR Lens in adult sizes in Clear, Mossy Oak Obsession and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blade, as well as Kids Sunglasses.

Louisiana Guard Dog

Guard Dogs secure and hold ATVs and UTVs while they are being transferred via another vehicle. Unique Outdoor Products carry the following:

• Louisiana Guard Dog: works with any ATV or UTV that fits into the bed of a truck. Has a 2” Class 1 receiver in the rear, so it can also tow a boat. Has a 2000 pound towing capacity and a 200 hundred pound tongue weight.

• Trailer Louisiana Guard Dog - the same essential design characters of the Louisiana Guard Dog and also works without the need for chains, straps or ropes, but is intended for flatbed trucks and trailers.

The current owner of Unique Outdoor Products purchased the company in 2012. He has since received BBB accreditation and is continuing the tradition of great service the customers know and expect.

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