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Hiking boots to take you anywhere in the mountains

Always get to the top.
Always get to the top. (Lucija Ros via Unsplash/)

Any activity in the mountains will require decent footwear. Everyone knows that (or should). But exactly what kind of boot is best for any given activity varies. Are you mountaineering? Do you backpack but also day hike? Are you hunting big country off trails or sticking to the named routes? Whatever it is, we have you covered.

Go anywhere, anytime in any conditions.
Go anywhere, anytime in any conditions. (Amazon/)

These ultra-light, high-lace leather boots are the ultimate multi-purpose mountain shoe. The Michelin sole provides some of the best grip on the market. The rubber lip around the sole means you don’t have to worry about your toe separating from the boot. These are designed for everything from serious day hikes to 20-mile steep hunts, to multi-day backpacking trips. If you need a good boot to take you anywhere, you won’t regret these.

Stay warm and dry.
Stay warm and dry. (Amazon/)

Nothing makes a trip more miserable than cold feet. If you think it could snow or sleet on your mountain trips, consider these UltraDry Snow Boots. They are waterproof leather with a wool collar lining. The 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation keeps you even warmer. The only risk with these is wearing them on a hot day.

Wear only what you need.
Wear only what you need. (Amazon/)

You don’t need to bring a backpacking backpack on an afternoon jog, and you don’t need to wear mountaineering boots on a day hike. These are a perfect hiking shoe when you plan on staying on trail and want to cover miles. But don’t underestimate these. The Gore-Tex lining is waterproof and breathable, and the Vibram sole is plenty grippy.

Tackle peaks.
Tackle peaks. (Amazon/)

Are these a serious mountaineering boot? Yes. Are they meant for weekend backpacking trips? No. But as you’re standing at the toe of a glacier putting on crampons, you’ll be glad you have these on your feet. The leather boot has more technical aspects than we can list in this description, but in short: they’re water-repellent, incredibly warm, stiff, and solid. This boot was built for peaks.


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