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GPO USA Rangefinder Review For Turkey Hunting

With short-range weapons like shotguns, vertical bows, and crossbows knowing the exact distance to the target is a huge plus. It’s especially important when the target is extremely small, such as the head and/or heart/lung area of a wild turkey. With a bow, if you misjudge the range by just a yard or more, you’ll miss. Before shotgun hunting, you should have patterned your shotgun/choke tube/turkey load combination to know it’s maximum effective range. In both the shotgun or bow instances, using a laser rangefinder will give you the precise yardage needed to make a clean kill.

GPO USA has a solution for spring gobbler hunters—the Rangeguide 8×32 and 10×32 rangefinding binoculars. These small, lightweight rangefinding binoculars combine exceptional edge-to-edge clarity and precise ranging on targets from 6 yards out, to nearly 1.75 miles away in a package that’s only 5.4 inches tall, 4.9 inches wide, and weighing just over 24 ounces—perfect for the run & gun or ground blind types of wild turkey hunting.

The compact Rangeguide 32 features a magnesium frame for both lightness and strength. The eye-safe Class 1 laser produces a 0.25-second response time with true-range angle technology, that calculates the proper distance to the target after measuring the angle to the target, giving you a precise inclination/declination compensation reading.

Scan mode provides three readings per second via its orange OLED display that offers nine adjustable brightness levels and operates with manual or automatic brightness functionality. And for those who are also long-range rifle shooters, the Rangeguide even measures ambient temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, humidity, and air pressure to help with shot placement on long-range shots. The display provides both the line-of-sight distance and the user’s choice of adjusted distance, angle, or temperature.

Coupled with the GPObright high-transmission lens coatings, the Rangeguide’s double-HD laminated 32mm objective lenses are exceptionally beneficial for transmitting light in the twilight hours. These premium lenses maximize the brightness, sharpness, and resolution of the optical image—something not typical in a rangefinding binocular. The field of view is 405’ and 306’ (8×32 or 10×32) at 1,000 yards, and eye relief is 18mm or 16mm, respectively.

These binoculars also feature a diopter focus and orange display focus adjustments on both left and right sides of the ocular tube. GPO’s premium cut-brass-geared focus-wheel system is utilized for a tight, consistent turning radius without any play in the center focus wheel. The entire body is protected with an armor coating that makes it tough enough to use in any outdoor environment.

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