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GATORZ Eyewear Looks to Chevalier Advertising

GATORZ Eyewear announced it has awarded Chevalier Advertising duties as strategic public relations agency of record for the brand.

With a 30-year reputation among U.S. special operations forces and tactical communities for creating durable, high performance eyewear, GATORZ will partner with Chevalier to similarly establish and align its brand and product with the needs and desires of American sportsmen and women.  

“We are excited to join teams with Chevalier as our agency of record,” said Heather Ruvolo, GATORZ Eyewear Marketing Manager. “We are looking to elevate the GATORZ brand and believe Chevalier has the experience and knowledge to help us reach not only our immediate goals, but our long-term ones as well.”

“We’re thrilled to be working alongside GATORZ during this exciting time in its brand journey,” said Greg Chevalier, president of Chevalier Advertising. “Having the opportunity to work with a one-hundred-percent American made eyewear company that is so passionate about performance with its products is very exciting. Our agency’s long history of helping companies in the shooting/tactical/law enforcement markets will help GATORZ successfully navigate this specialized consumer market.”

About GATORZ Eyewear:

GATORZ Eyewear is a performance eyewear company based in Carlsbad, California. Founded in 1989, they have prided themselves in producing performance eyewear that not only looks good, but is created to last and endure any adventure you take them on. With durability that stands up to the test of U.S. Navy SEALS and Elite Operators of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), there is nothing GATORZ Eyewear cannot handle. 

About Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations:

Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Chevalier is a premier full-service advertising, marketing, e-commerce and public relations agency specializing in the marketing of outdoors, hunting, camping, overlanding, shooting and law enforcement products. Comprised of a passionate and diverse team of outdoorsmen and women, current and former military members, hunters, boaters, and golfers, Chevalier’s passion is the gateway to success for its partners.

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