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Everything You Need To Know About Gun Cleaning Solvents

Otis Gun Cleaning

Gun cleaning solvents are required to get your prized possession in the best shape. To find the best gun solvents that work for you, you must evaluate their cleanliness level and performance attributes.

For example, if your firearm is a .38 caliber revolver and its walnut grip has turned black from age and used over time rust, then a solvent with a mild abrasion inhibitor might be needed. Therefore, if you’re going to clean your firearms, one of the first things you need is a cleaning solvent.

There are many choices, and it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. You can get different products from gun oil to CLP cleaners to maintain your firearms. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning solvents for your gun.

How Cleaning Solvents Work?

Many of the liquids used as gun cleaning solvents are petroleum-based. Some are flammable, while others are non-flammable. In addition, there are flammable water distillates, ketones, and alcohols that serve as solvents. Some of these solvents have already been tested for safety. By the way, they have good safety ratings and have been safely used in many applications like the kitchen and household cleaners.

Gun cleaning solvents can be used to clean guns that aren’t mechanically powered like shotguns. But they can also be used to clean guns from a mechanical point of view like revolvers, pistols, rifles, and gun stocks. Also, the solvents can be used to make certain parts like the firing pins and other parts and the guns’ finish.

Cleaning Solvent Options

There are different types of gun cleaning solvents available in the market. First is a non-flammable solvent, which is preferred for cleaning aluminum-made guns. Non-flammable solvents tend to leave an oily residue on grips and stocks. These are used to clean carbon deposits from firing pins and other small parts caused by gunshot discharge.

1. Gun Oil – Made for lubricating and protecting firearms, gun oil comes in a small container with a small-cap. The oil is not only used as oil when cleaning your firearm but also as a solvent. It has a thick consistency to take off the residue left behind and give a new shine to your firearms.

2. CLP Cleaners – CLP cleaners, or “Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative,” are regarded as the most versatile cleaning solvents. It is also the best choice for cleaning most mechanisms. Some of the best CLP cleaners include:

Break Free CLP CleanerHoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner Spray bottleCLP by Sage & Braker

CLP cleaners can clean and lubricate guns that have been exposed to elements like water, dirt, and others. They work best on carbon deposits that weaken metal surfaces and inside mechanisms like the firing pin.

3. Silicone Solvents – Silicon-based solvents are used to clean paint spray off guns’ stocks and handles. They can also clean grease off without leaving an oily residue on your stock or grip when cleaning your gun.

To conclude, you can make the cleaning process simple and get rid of the junk with the best gun solvents. These Solvents help loosen up the powder and copper fouling inside your barrel and keep them in good shape. You can maintain your guns in the best shape with good quality cleaning solvents.

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