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Drones For Big Game Hunting?

Imagine sitting atop a favorite glassing point and scouting for elk the old fashioned way when you hear a mechanical whirring noise and look up to witness an “unmanned aerial vehicle”, drone, buzzing over the landscape as its operator “scouts” from afar. 

Not cool! 

Currently Wyoming law is a tad ambiguous on the use of drones for scouting big game but a clarification is in the works to ensure that your honey hole won’t be defiled by drones remotely scouting, aka, harassing both wildlife and hunters.

“Aerial scouting and the use of aircraft to hunt or harass game animals is already illegal in Wyoming; a draft Wyoming House bill would add a paragraph of clarifying language. The paragraph includes the wording “unmanned aerial vehicles”.”

If you’re sensing some animosity from my stance on drones you’re picking up what I’m laying down… I despise them, for “hunting” anyway. I agree they can be a useful tool and when used with discretion, fun to boot. However, they have zero place in scouting/hunting before a shot is fired. Can they be used to help hunters find downed game or capture cool camera angles for a video production? Absolutely, but they have no place on any hunt for any other purpose. 

I may sound curmudgeonly here, so be it. Lines have to be drawn someplace and scouting with drones is a no go zone for me. 

Change my mind…  

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