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Deerhunting: How To Identify Oak Trees.

In this video we join Chris Creed to show us how to identify oak trees for Whitetail Deer Hunting. Chris has an in depth knowledge on tree and plant identification. Acorns are a large part of a whitetails diet. Knowing which acorns to look for will benefit your hunting in a big way. Their leaves distinguish White Oaks from Red Oaks.

White oaks have rounded lobes and red oak lobes have pointed tips. Their Acorns are also a solid identifier, specifically the acorn cap. The caps of red oaks come down 1/4 of the way 0f the nut and will have a scale-like appearance. The cap of a white oak acorn comes down the nut about 1/3 of the way and is bumpy and is typically elongated. The red oak is stubby and fat. You’ll see the difference in this video.


It’s important to understand the palatability of acorns to a Whitetail. Whitetails prefer white oak acorns over red oak acorns 10 times out of 10, because the tannin levels are lower on white oaks compared to red oaks. The higher the tannin levels make red acorns much more  bitter.

Note that when red oak acorns are plentiful, they are still a preferred food source when white oak acorns are no longer available.

During October, acorns are key. Bucks are fueling up for the rut and they are really zeroed in on acorns.

For a whitetail hunter acorns can be the deciding factor for tagging  your target buck in October.


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