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Women For Gun Rights

The DC Project, a grassroots Second Amendment advocacy group that champions Women for Gun Rights, applauds Advisory Board member Holly Sullivan’s testimony before the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing: Stop Gun Violence: The Jackson-Elias Domestic Survivor Protection Act. Her testimony challenged the proposal’s impact and consequences and urged the committee to uphold its duty to the Constitution and the American people threatened by domestic violence. 

“As a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment, Holly’s testimony before the Subcommittee on the Constitution supporting our right to keep and bear arms inspires us,” said DC Project Founder Dianna Muller. “Her perspective on victims of domestic violence needing the option of defending themselves with a firearm was especially compelling,” she said.

During her testimony, Sullivan stated, “I hope this body will identify opportunities to empower women to prevent them from becoming victims, support programs that prevent violence, treat mental illness in all its stages, and ultimately heal broken hearts and broken homes across the nation.”

Sullivan described how her experiences differed from the other women speaking to the Senators. “I was raised with education in gun safety and firearm awareness and did not fully appreciate the importance of this until I had something greater than myself to defend my child,” she said.

“Education is the first pillar upon which the DC Project stands,” according to Muller. “When Holly told the Senators that similar red flag bills provide a false sense of security, especially when women are struggling to find security from their abusers, she defended our position on the unintended negative consequences of law-abiding gun owners. Removing due process and stripping Americans of their options for self-defense is not the solution,” said Muller.

Sullivan concluded by saying, “I am not here to tell you that every woman in America needs to carry a gun. I am here to tell you that no woman in America should be denied her ability to defend her life. How she is comfortable doing so is her personal choice. I am also here to speak on behalf of women alive today because they exercised their right to defend themselves with a firearm. As survivors of their tragic encounters, they live, breathe and walk among us because they were armed. They have largely been missing from this discussion and are a vital resource to this committee and other women.”

To see Sullivan’s testimony click here To see the Senate hearing in full, click here To read Sullivan’s written testimony, visit

About Holly Sullivan

Holly Sullivan gives back to her community by volunteering as an Advisory Board member for the DC Project, Women for Gun Rights. In 2019 she was elected as President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, a 43,000-member, non-partisan organization committed to upholding the inalienable rights of all citizens to keep and bear arms. In addition, Sullivan is an elected Selectman in her hometown of Southbury, Connecticut. As a full-time working professional, she holds a Master’s degree in business and human resource management, and she is a single parent.

About the DC Project

The DC Project believes education, not legislation prevents violence and encourages safety. We preserve America’s gun culture and highlight the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing advocacy-because gun rights are a women’s issue. Self-defense is a human right, and we are our own first responders. We understand the importance of preserving the right to protect ourselves. Our delegates regularly stand before legislators and lawmakers on the frontlines of this battle to protect this crucial right and make our voices heard through education. Please stand with us by donating to the DC Project and wearing the color teal to let others know you support the rights of responsible gun owners.


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