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“Dancing with the Stars” winner Lindsay Arnold Loves to Fish

Dancing with the Stars Lindsay Arnold

Fly Fishing attracts more than it’s share of celebrities who appreciate our sport. Movie and rock stars, politicians and captains of industry are all represented on the water and are prestigious clients for guides worldwide. The latest high profile angler to be given popular recognition is Lindsay Arnold, who recently won the hugely rated “Dancing with the Stars” television competition.

Arnold, who has fished for rainbow trout in Alaska, won the contest along with her partner, Jordan Fisher, took home the Mirrorball trophy for season 25 of the series on November 21. Props were immediately offered from her past hosts at the Royal Wulff Lodge who were quoted on their Facebook page as saying,

“Big Congratulations to Lindsay Arnold for winning “Dancing With the Stars 2017″! She can dance, she can fish… what can’t she do?!? It was a pleasure having you and your family at Royal Wolf this summer Lindsay, congratulations on your well deserved win!!

Us magazine interviewed the dancer after her win, and her perspective was gracious. ““I can’t, honestly, put it into words,” she said. “This feels beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. I’ve come close [to winning] and to finally take it with Jordan means more than I can ever say. … The Mirrorball is amazing. This is so freaking cool. The coolest part is having what we got to establish: a bond, a trust and a love for each other that exceeds so much in life. That’s the thing I’m taking away from this.”

Lindsay Arnold doing some Fly-fishing

Now, the partners are looking forward to continuing their journey on DWTS’ Light Up the Night tour. “The best part about this ending of our season is that it’s not over. We still get to dance together for 11 weeks,” Arnold said. “We’re on the road and now we’re dancing for fun. We’re not getting judged, we’re not getting scored. We’re just dancing, and it feels so good to do that.”

So, eleven weeks from November should put Lindsay close to the spring season, and we can only guess where she’ll be fishing next.

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