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Cyber Bowhunt – Javelina Stalking Part #1

Virtual Bowhunt – Javelina Bowhunt 
It’s a chilly day in the thick South Texas woods. You hide your pickup off the road near a clump of thin trees. and continue on foot down the very old woods road that you use to access javelina hang outs. Half a mile into the dense brush the unmistakable strong odor of javelina lets you know that javelinas recently came through the immediate area. First you check the rough road. You locate tracks where a group of javelina had crossed the woods road. You follow their tracks into the brush, a mixture of tall grass, thorny black brush, occasional thorny mesquites and the javelina’s favorite delicacy — the juicy and thorny prickly pear cactus.

Visibility is limited in this low but dense terrain. The tracks soon play out in the grass and dry, sandy soil. A hundred yards later you walk around a big clump of cactus and see … some javelina! One is only 6 yards from you.

What Do You Do Now

Draw your bow immediately so you can shoot right now. Slowly draw your bow, inch by inch, until you are at full draw.  Freeze, and see what the javelina does.


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