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Colorado Wolves: Killing Pets & A Safe-Space

Photo Credit: byrdyak

As Colorado nears the actual implementation of its fairy-tale wolf “reintroduction” plan, some inconvenient and ugly realities of plunging the large predator back into the mix of modern society are taking center stage. First, it seems that wolves harbor severe contempt for domestic dogs and they don’t discriminate whether the dog or dogs in question are working animals or pets; the end result? Fido loses badly. 

It seems we’ve seen something similar in Colorado already this year with the cougar killing spree taking place on the state’s front range. Hmmm, I see a pattern here. 

Second, in an interesting attempt to protect its beloved, transplanted wolves, Colorado is implementing a 60 mile buffer zone with the bordering states of Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. Sixty miles? That’s laughable as young wolves or displaced wolves will travel much further than that seeking home ranges or suitable habitat. It’s also exactly how the North Park wolves responsible for killing dogs and livestock got to Colorado in the first place. 

To me this attempt to provide a safe-space displays enormous ignorance on the part of Colorado FWP and is the exact same thinking that led to the wolf “reintroduction” run amuck in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Combine said ignorance with seemingly willful arrogance that they know how to manage a species that’s been vacant from the landscape for at least two generations of biologists and you’ve got the makings of a Shakespearian tragedy; Macbeth – ambition – ignorance – arrogance – disaster. . . you get the picture. 

I’ll be in the back with my popcorn.

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