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Clamtainer Review


Clamtainer makes plastic See-in Storage Containers that make it super easy to see into the package and quickly know what you have. We got a box full of these in all kinds of sizes to test. We put them to use on everything from batteries to toilet paper to ammunition, and we found them to be quite useful. We are going to work our way through a few of our absolute favorites.

The Clamtainer TP Buddy

The TP Buddy toilet paper holder is the perfect container to keep your toilet paper clean, dry and ready to use.  The TP Buddy fits inside your pack, inside your trailer, in the camp outhouse or under the seat of your truck.  You can clearly see how much you have. The container opens with a single hand, and it comes with a small string to hang it on the limb of a tree.   like that the TP Buddy keeps the paper clean and the roll is not crushed.  For $6.95.

Clamtainer Battery Buddy

Batteries for GPS units, scopes, headlamps and flashlights are always a part of our pack. A clear case keeps them organized. This is essential, and a definite step up from the Ziploc bags I have used for years to store batteries in my gear box. I can clearly see in the Battery Buddy what  batteries I have before and after my hunt. This container makes it easy to see what needs to be replaced before my next hunt. The AA batteries pack can hold up to 8 batteries and comes in a 5 pack of containers for 9.95. The AAA holds up to 24 batteries and comes in a 5 pack for $9.95.

Clamtainer Doom Box Enclosed Mouse Trap

This enclosed mouse trap is genius. The container keeps the mouse trap enclosed so your dog or cat cannot get accidentally hurt. As well, it contains the mouse within the container once the mouse is trapped. This makes cleanup safer as you do not have to touch the rodent. It is a much better mouse trap than your standard trap, and it can be used over and over. Truly, Clamtainer built the better mousetrap.  I will be buying more of these as I need mouse traps, there is nothing better on the market.

Clamtainer Ammo Buddy

The Clamtainer Ammo Buddy holds cartridges and shells. Better yet, the container prevents your ammunition from getting dirty. These come at a variety of prices depending upon what you are looking for. What I like is that these fit easily in your pocket. I like carrying these on the outside pocket of my pack so I can easily see they are available for me and exactly how much ammo I have available. These are great for the range and great for the field.  I also really like the Clamtainer for the 12 gauge 25 CT Ammo Box for waterfowl hunting.  I know my shells are dry and I can see which shells I have. These are also nice to have at the end of the day when I am clearing out my waders or shooting vest and I can get a quick count of ammo available.

One quick note, Clamtainer containers are made in the USA and keep Americans working. If you like to be organized and you like clean ammo these are an exceptional option.

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