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Changes for 2020, Wyoming Elk

The Wyoming Game and Fish has made some fairly significant changes to the draw system process this year for non-resident elk hunters. Starting this year (2020) nonresident applicants will still have to apply for their elk tag by the 31st of January, however their application will remain in the Wyoming system until May. Instead of conducting the draw in February the state will hold off until May to actually conduct the nonresident elk drawing. This is a good news/bad news scenario. The good news is you will have clear until May 8 to modify or even withdraw your elk application, as long as you have one placed into the system by January 31st. This will give applicants more time to modify an application once more is known about the season dates, quotas and winter conditions. The bad news, is your money will be tied up until at least the third week in May and there’s not much you can do about it. The end result, all the guys who depend on the Wyoming elk refunds to fuel other state applications early in the season will have to find other alternative sources of funding for those additional apps this year.

“Nonresident elk hunters should also be aware of a significant change to the draw date beginning in 2020. The nonresident elk application period remains Jan. 2-31. However, applicants have until May 8 to modify or withdraw their applications. Draw results will post the third week in May.  The change is meant to give applicants more information before the draw.” –Wyoming Game and Fish Department 

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