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Build a first aid kit: Fieldcraft Survival Gear for Hunting

When looking at skills and training for hunters and fisherman, typically rifle and bow skills are the first to come to mind. Many outdoorsmen spend time learning animal behavior, conditioning their bodies for the backcountry, and honing in their weapons, but neglect proper training in other skills that could be needed for various situations and emergencies that could arise. Kevin Estela and Austin Lester from Fieldcraft Survival sit down and review medical equipment that you should know how to use and carry in the backcountry. They review survival wraps, eye cups, splints, boo boo kits, and trauma gear that they recommend carrying into the wilderness. 

About Fieldcraft Survival

Fieldcraft Survival’s mission is to expand your capabilities in the genre of survival. Our goal is to educate, train, and equip you to survive and thrive in any situation that life may bring. To accomplish our mission, we offer products built to enhance dependability, as well as training courses led by resident duty experts. Founded and run by Special Operations veterans, we have decades of real-world experience in survival and preparedness. We are excited to have partnered with Eastmans’, a three-generation media-based hunting company whose goal is to promote the pursuit of elk hunting, deer hunting, and all western big game. Our partnership with Eastmans’ is a great opportunity for both of us to use our combined expertise and provide education and gear to each other allowing us to connect with hunters and fishermen, teaching survival, medical, emergency preparedness skills. Our goal is to not only learn and grow in our technical hunting expertise from Eastmans’, but to help increase the overall level of preparedness and survivability of hunters if they are facing an emergency situation—with Fieldcraft gear they can depend on, training they can rely on.


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