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Experienced boaters develop a routine, a mental boat checklist, for what they bring aboard for a day or evening on the water. Sometimes making a simple addition or change to the routine can make the boating experience easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes you learn these tricks by spending time on someone else’s boat, listening to a podcast, or by reading an article online. Here are some top coolers for boating ideas and drinkware to consider from your friends at Grizzly Coolers. Be sure to check out our 4th of July Sale for some of the best deals of the year on coolers, drinkware and more. 

Top Coolers For Boating

Consider permanently stowing a larger cooler on your boat, like a Grizzly G60G75, or G100 – depending on available space. Preferably stow a cooler where it’s out of the sun but easy to access.

Placement in a shaded area under a bimini top or in a compartment, if possible, will help with ice retention. Grizzly Coolers provide optional slick feet and grip feet so you can decide if you want the cooler to slide easily out of a stowing area or stay put. Whoever says size doesn’t matter doesn’t understand the importance of having the right cooler capacity when out on an adventure. Find out what cooler size is perfect for you on our cooler sizing, dimensions, and capacity page.

The Grizzly Cooler G60 60-quart cooler retains ice and keeps contents cold for the whole family for the duration. The Grizzly G60’s perfect for keeping boaters’ thirst at bay, holding 20 lbs. of ice and 72 12 oz. cans.  (Better hope there’s a portable toilet onboard) The G60 can serve as another seat while the boat is anchored. Suggested retail $349.99.

Premium Grizzly Coolers are a prized possession so make sure you use the tie-down slots to secure it to your boat, so others aren’t tempted to walk off with your favorite cooler.

For each outing, transport beverages, meals, and snacks in a smaller cooler, like the Grizzly G20 or Drifter 12+, and place items inside the larger stowed cooler already onboard, along with additional bags of ice. Designed for lightweight convenience, the soft-sided Drifter 12+ features two Grip Cup pockets on the exterior and an easy-zip flip-top lid providing access to a fully waterproof TPU lined central compartment.

The EVA foam insulated lid and base and foam walls keep items cold all day. Padded handles and shoulder strap help make transporting this compact cooler even more comfortable. The compression-molded lid and base provide structure for easy packing while multiple pockets and a neoprene gear band add more storage options to the exterior of the cooler. A waterproof ballistic polyester shell holds up to the elements and is available in several colors including black/gunmetal, green/black/orange, moss/gray/cyan, Realtree® Edge™, Realtree® Timber™, and Realtree® Fishing™ Blue. Suggested retail is $99.99.

Another cooler hack is to use two smaller coolers (think Grizzly G20s) instead of one large cooler. Use one for beverages, knowing this cooler will be opened more frequently and another cooler for meats and other items that you want to keep frozen longer. A compact  Grizzly G20 20-quart cooler is ideal for carrying a few cans of soda or bottles of water, snacks, and sandwiches. A dry goods tray helps separate items like bait from food.

Top coolers for boating benefit among many is having an embossed ruler on the lid helps measure your catch. A stainless-steel handle with foam grip provides another way to carry this compact Made-in-USA cooler. Non-slip, non-marking rubber feet will keep the cooler in place when looking for another fishing spot. The G20 is available in a variety of fun colors: White, Tan, Red, Orange, Sandstone, Lime, Pink, Gray, and Teal.  Suggested retail $199.99.

Ice retention is an important aspect to consider. Pre-chill beverages and food prior to placing in your cooler so ice doesn’t have to work hard to chill items but only to maintain the temperature. Filling all the space within a cooler also helps retain ice.

Purchase the Grizzly Folding Cutting Board Divider accessory to separate items within the cooler and use while on the boat as a meat and cheese cutting board and serving board. Hard cheeses and summer sausage are a favorite simple, but elegant boating snack. Elevate your standard cheese and crackers by spreading chilled fig jam on sharp cheddar cheese. Add fruit that pairs easily with cheese and transports well, like grapes and apples, and you have a refreshing cheese board that adults and children will love.

Use the Grizzly Dry Goods Tray accessory to stop items like sandwiches and cookies from getting soggy in melting ice or delicate items from getting crushed in the main compartment of the cooler. Purchase an extra tray to keep your cooler as organized as your refrigerator at home.

Carry a bottle of water for hydration, for cleaning hands before cooking and eating, or for quick utensil rinsing if you have a marine grill. Use a Grizzly Grip Bottle – a double-walled, stainless-steel bottle available in 20, 32, and 64 oz. sizes. The attached insulated cap with a sure-grip top makes carrying your water supply easy.

Depending on the size, the durable insulated bottle can hold your personal or groups’ water supply for your outing, keeping liquids at optimal drinking temperature. The rubberized non-skid pad underneath keeps the bottle in place. Sweat-free exterior. Available in brushed stainless, textured charcoal, October marsh, vintage green, textured sand, and Tahoe blue. Suggested retail $24.99 for 11 oz, $29.99 for 32 oz. and $39.99 for 64 oz.

Keep your beverages cold while enjoying a day on the water with our insulated can cooler, the Grizzly Grip Can – a comfortable can cooler for 12 oz. cans. Slip in a cold canned beverage, secure, and sip. The Grizzly Grip features finger inserts to allow for a secure, comfortable hold. Double-walled construction keeps beverages cold up to four hours even in the midday sun. The rubberized non-skid pad underneath to keep drinks in place. Sweat-free exterior. Available in brushed stainless and textured charcoal. Suggested retail $24.99. Grizzly has drinkware available to fit popular slim cans as well.

“Make the most of your boat time,” explained Ethan Pole, Grizzly Coolers Marketing Director. “Learn how to make snacking and dining easier onboard. Share cold drinks and snacks while you make some great memories with your family and friends.”

Grizzly Coolers and Grizzly Grip Drinkware items are available now at outdoor and online retailers, including The suggested retail price starts at $24.99.

About Grizzly Coolers:  

Grizzly Coolers is most known for its rotomolded, bear-resistant, Made-in-USA hard-sided Grizzly Coolers. Grizzly Coolers also offers soft-sided coolers, insulated drinkware, and innovative hunting blinds. Learn more about all its products, its rigorous product testing process, and where you can buy these quality products at

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