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Bow Spider a Proud Sponsor of the Everest Course at Hoyt Archery’s Northwest Mountain Challenge

Bow Spider — the quickest and easiest hands-free bow retrieval system on the market – is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Everest Course at the Hoyt Archery Northwest Mountain Challenge, one of the most difficult target archery competitions in the world.

There are four dates and locations for the 2022 competition – Tamarack, ID, June 3-5; Hoodoo, OR, June 17-19; Helena, MT., July 8-10; and Steven’s Pass, WA., July 22-24. Open to archers and bowhunters of all ages, there are six different courses that can be attempted, including the Dead-On Kids Course, a fun 10-target kids course for all age ranges, and the Novelty/Pop-Up 3D Shoot, where participants can come shoot a variety of pay-to-play novelty shots and a pop-up course for prizes, cash and bragging rights.

The most challenging and difficult of the competition courses is the Everest Bow Spider Course. Approximately 3-5 miles in length, this physically-demanding 15 target course will test both a person’s archery skills and their stamina. Targets will be from 10-100 yards, rangefinders are allowed, and the IBO Scoring system (11, 10, 8, 5, 0) will be utilized. Competition will be shot on Saturday.

On Sunday, competitors can shoot the approximately two-mile long and very demanding Hoyt Archery Course, which features 20 targets with shots from 20-60 yards. Rangefinders are allowed, and the OPA scoring system (14, 12, 10, 8, 5, 0) employed. Participants can also shoot the course, approximately 2 ½-miles in length, which features 25 targets with unique shots from 20-90-plus yards, and the Phelps course, approximately 2 miles in length, featuring 20 targets with shots from 20-60 yards, with rangefinders allowed and the IBO scoring system (11, 10, 8, 5, 0) utilized.

“Few events will test a bowhunter’s skills more than the Northwest Mountain Challenge,” said Bow Spider founder David Merrill, himself an accomplished Western bowhunter. “This is a great event for the entire family, where you’ll meet other very serious archers and bowhunters, and have a great time. We’re proud to be sponsoring the Everest course, guaranteed to push all participants to their limits.”

Bow Spider is the quickest and easiest hands-free bow retrieval system on the market. Here’s how it works. An aluminum arm attaches to the bow’s riser, and slides into a slot on the lightweight, injection-molded receiver, which can be worn on the included belt or attached via long bolts to other objects, including your backpack. You can choose either to mount the Bow Spider temporarily or permanently to your pack. By using the provided straps, it can be mounted temporarily. For a permanent or semi-permanent mount, you can use the provided bolts. The bow is held securely in place via a gravity-locking system yet slides out with minimal effort. You have to either pull it out or turn it upside down to get the bow out. It’s versatility also allows it to be mounted to tree trunks, a waist belt, binocular harness — any flat surface. The bow can be quickly and effortlessly removed with one hand when it’s time to swing back into action.

The complete Bow Spider bow packing system comes in either green, tan, or black, and has a MSRP of $89.95. To see how easy it is to use the Bow Spider, check out these video clips: For more information on the entire Bow Spider product line, visit For more information on the Northwest Mountain Challenge, visit

About Recreational Archery Development LLC (RAD, LLC): 

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Kinnear, WY,  RAD, LLC  is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative products for the outdoor industry, including the Bow Spider brand of products. Bow Spider’s intuitive design makes bow retrieval fast and easy in any situation. The product is proudly made in the USA and gives one percent of all sales to conservation. The company also offers veterans a 15 percent discount on all products. (To take advantage of this offer, orders need to be called in directly to the company at 307-438-9290.) For additional information on RAD, LLC and the Bow Spider brand of products write to: RAD, LLC, PO Box 171, Kinnear, WY 82516; call 307-438-9290; email [email protected]; visit

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