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Blackhawk® Named Presenting Sponsor of 2022 Tactical Games

Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Tactical Games for 2022, supporting the games as they continue growing in the upcoming year.

Attracting some of the best professional and amateur tactical athletes nationwide, the Tactical Games have become a proving ground for the latest in cutting edge tactical gear. The games intense physical nature, including fitness challenges, obstacle courses and marksmanship tests, require efficient gear setups which prioritize firearm security, retention and accessibility, as well as comfort and light weight. All of which are pillars at the center of Blackhawk’s product designs.

“Blackhawk has been a trusted name within the military and law enforcement community for decades,” said Nick Thayer, Director of Marketing for Tactical Games. “Through their sponsorship of the Tactical Games, Blackhawk will now be able to showcase those same proven products and designs to a new audience of athletes who will see why the brand is a first choice for those seeking the very best, regardless of their profession.”

Blackhawk T-Series holsters with leg straps allow competitors to maintain proper holster position and security as they navigate unconventional obstacles. Endurance and speed while carrying heavy weight (especially plate carriers) is also critical, and Blackhawk’s Foundation Series Tac Nylon gear gives competitors some of the lightest weight gear in its class without sacrificing durability or modularity.

“The entire Blackhawk team is fired up to be sponsoring the Tactical Games this year,” said Justin Hoffman, Blackhawk product manager. “As a guy who’s personally competed in the Tactical Games to prove and abuse our gear, I can say that the intensity of these challenges lives up to the hype and a quality gear setup is crucial. The light weight of the Foundation Series Tac Nylon made carrying extra weight easier, and the T-Series gave me great firearm retention while still allowing me to draw quickly and engage targets.”

In addition to being this year’s presenting sponsor, Blackhawk is sponsoring tactical athlete Zach Rodman. Throughout the competition, Rodman will be running Blackhawk’s T-Series holster and new Foundation Series Tac Nylon suite of gear.

The Blackhawk T-Series continues to be trusted by more and more LE departments as their standard issue duty holster, and is continuously expanding with even more handgun fits and carry options. Both in the U.S. and abroad, the T-Series has been chosen by more than 300 law enforcement agencies. Most recently, the T-Series L3D holster  was selected by both the French Army and the Niedersachsen Police Department in Germany as their duty holsters of choice.

Foundation Series Tac Nylon gear offers more modular capabilities, stronger construction and lighter weight than the typical ballistic nylon gear found on the market. At the series’ core is a durable 500D-1000D nylon laminate material and a low-profile, laser-cut design. This delivers one of the lightest plate carriers available (around one pound without armor) without sacrificing durability. This suite of tactical gear is designed for increased comfort and exceptional modularity, and in addition to plate carriers, it features a chest rig, MOLLE and first responder placards, MOLLE belts, magazine and utility pouches, and more.

The first of the Tactical Games’ nine competitions in 2022 takes place February 19-20 at the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility in Meridian, Mississippi. The series culminates November 5-6 at the Tactical Games National Championship at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas.

About the Tactical Games

The Tactical Games is a nationwide series of competitions for professional and amateur tactical athletes and marksmen to put their skills and readiness to the test. From military operators and law enforcement officers to competitive shooters and civilian gun enthusiasts, the Tactical Games provides a venue for all shooters and athletes to compete against the best in the world. Competitions consist of a series of grueling physical challenges, obstacle courses, marksmanship tests and more.

About Blackhawk

In 1990, a Navy SEAL was navigating a minefield when his pack failed. As his gear tumbled to the ground, he vowed that if he got out of there alive he would make gear the right way. Today, this obsession with quality applies to everything we do. We’re constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide gear that won’t let you down. Because we’re not just making stuff – we’re honoring a vow.

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