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Best waterproof cameras

Water? No problem!
Water? No problem! (Amazon/)

We’ve all been there, headed out on a boat, kayak, raft or canoe, and we know we’re going to want to take pictures. But there we are, staring at our phone wondering if the risk is worth the reward. It probably isn’t. You’ll regret ruining that pricey smartphone. That’s why, if you spend much time on the water, you should consider investing in a waterproof camera. The technology has come a long way in the past decade. With one of these you’ll get that shot you want and not worry if you (and it) go for a swim.

Get good shots anywhere.
Get good shots anywhere. (Amazon/)

This little beast is waterproof, shockproof, crush proof, freeze proof, and anti-fog. And it’s not just a marketing gimmick. It really is. It will take pictures of those monster brown trout underwater and even shoot in 4k video. The high resolution F2.0 lens with 8x zoom tells you how good this really is. Just don’t drop it in the ocean unless it’s attached to you or the boat—as good as it is, it won’t swim back to you.

Capture everything.
Capture everything. (Amazon/)

GoPro long ago became the standard bearer on action sports filming. Anyone can buy one, mount it on a helmet or dashboard and turn into the next extreme sports star. Well now you can do it underwater, too. But these aren’t just for amateurs. Anyone who needs professional underwater filming can turn to this for 12MP photos, 1080p, and even live-streaming stabilization. And true to GoPro, it’s small enough to not get in your way.

Get what you need.
Get what you need. (Amazon/)

The price of waterproof cameras can spike pretty quickly. But you can still get a good quality camera for less than you’re thinking. This Nikon is budget-friendly but is waterproof to 22 feet, has full HD video with stereo sound and 18 shooting modes. It also has a telephoto lens and built-in WiFi. Get what you need without breaking the bank.

Buy a few and hand them out at the beach or pool.
Buy a few and hand them out at the beach or pool. (Amazon/)

Even in the age of cell phones, where everyone has a camera, disposable cameras are still an option. And we’d argue that with cell phones pricing high, a waterproof disposal camera is the perfect option for a day at the beach or pool. Buy a pack of two, or 10, and hand them out at a pool party or beach day. See what you get back. At minimum, you know you won’t go home having ruined your favorite phone or camera.


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