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APEX Ammunition to Exhibit at SHOT Show

APEX Ammunition, makers of handloaded, ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shotshells, will showcase its ammunition offerings at the 2022 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 18-21 (Booth # 71104).

APEX pioneered the commercial use of 18.1 g/cc density TSS in 2017, and today offers a comprehensive line of shotshells for Waterfowl, Upland, and Predator and Deer hunting, in addition to its renowned Turkey TSS loads.


APEX offers a variety of waterfowl loads to meet the needs of discerning hunters who value superior performance and craftsmanship. Waterfowl TSS shotshells are meticulously handloaded for ultimate knockdown power. The TSS/S3 Steel™ Blend duplex loads feature No. 7.5 or 9 TSS combined with No. 2, 4 or BB S3 Steel shot in 12-gauge and No. 4 shot in 20 gauge. The APEX S3 Steel™ line features premium-grade zinc-coated steel and the same Tungsten-grade wad system used in the APEX TSS loads for superior patterning and consistency.

28-gauge, 16-gauge, and 410 bore waterfowl loads are available upon request.


Whether you are hunting grouse or Huns out West, quail in the South, or late-season roosters across the Great Plains, APEX Upland Bird TSS helps you put more birds in hand.  Available in 3-inch 12-and 20-gauge loads.

Upland Bird 3-inch 16-gauge, 2 ¾-inch 28-gauge, and .410 bore 2 ½ and 3-inch loads are available upon request.


Shotshells for predator hunting typically meant low pattern count and massive lead pellets leading to limited performance. APEX Predator TSS, offered in shot sizes 4, 2 and BB, capitalizes on superior density to deliver extended range and penetration while maximizing pattern retention for ultimate knockdown power on coyotes, hogs and deer.


APEX’s legendary Turkey TSS offerings bring a new level of performance to sub-gauge shotguns. Now available in 20-gauge No. 9s, 28-gauge (No. 9 and 9 ½) and .410 bore (No. 9 ½), APEX Turkey TSS shotshells are designed for maximum penetration at extended ranges. Handloaded for ultimate consistency and quality control, APEX TSS allows the use of smaller shot sizes and larger payloads for maximum pattern density and downrange energy. Also available in 10-gauge, 12-gauge and 16-gauge loads.

APEX also offers Smalltown Hunting Blend loads which feature a combination of No. 7 1/2 and No. 9 shot TSS as well as Ninja Turkey TSS loads.

The 2022 APEX Ammunition Catalog is now available online at

About APEX Ammunition

What started in 2017 with a few handmade shells for a hunting trip with friends has become an obsession to provide wingshooters with the absolute best performing ammunition possible. Founded by U.S. Veterans and hunting enthusiasts in the great state of Mississippi, APEX Ammunition pioneered the commercial application of ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot to create the hardest hitting, most accurate shot loads in the business. The driving principle behind the company’s continued quest for innovation and better performance is its commitment to delivering a hunting experience like no other. For more information, visit

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