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Achieve Ultimate In-Home Security with SnapSafe® Vault Doors

SnapSafe® Vault Doors turn any closet or room into a safe place to store firearms and belongings. The easy-to-install door comes in three configurations for a variety of door frames. A 32-inch and 36-inch door fit most standard openings. The 36-inch version is available with an in-swing door, while the 32-inch door is available in an in-swing or an out-swing. Each model has a handy tool kit with everything needed for a quick installation. 

Vault doors open up more storage space for firearms, reloading equipment, or a storm shelter. Every door features nine 1-inch locking bolts—combined with 12-gauge steel construction for maximum security. Safe access is simple with the SecuRam™ digital lock. The combination lock is programmable and includes a key backup in case of power failure. In addition, the vault doors come with an internal handle to operate the door from the inside, guaranteeing entry and exit no matter the circumstances. 

To take security one step further, SnapSafe created the SnapSafe Premium Vault Doors. These doors offer the same advantages as the standard vault doors with added security, fire protection, and organizational capabilities. SnapSafe Premium Vault Doors fit standard 36-inch door openings and are available in several exclusive colors. They are constructed of the same 12-gauge steel as the standard vault doors but with an added steel trim to finish the exterior doorway. The back of every safe door includes Square-Lok™ technology to maximize storage space. The Square-Lok™ backing fits various accessories to organize handguns, long guns, ammo, and more. Whether a safe or a storm shelter, the SnapSafe Vault Doors offer ultimate security and peace of mind. 

Vault Door Features

12-gauge door and door frame Nine 1″ live locking bolts SecuRam™ digital lock with key backup  Steel trimmed exterior Installation kit included

Vault Door Specifications

36-inch Door Opening Dimensions: 81” tall by 36.8” wide Weight: 350 lbs 32-inch Door Opening Dimensions: 81” tall by 32.8” wide Weight: 330 lbs

Premium Vault Door Features

Added fire rating Exterior door integrated steel trim Premium slip clutch handle protects lock mechanism against forced entry Square-Lok™ organizational system Premium matte finishes in dark grey or off-white with black chrome keypad and 5-spoke handle Complete with installation kit 

Premium Vault Door Specifications

36-inch Door Opening  Dimensions: 81” tall by 36.8” wide

SnapSafe® is owned by Hornady® Manufacturing, a family-owned, third-generation business that has been designing, machining and producing bullets, ammunition, reloading products and security products since 1949.

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