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7 Reasons to Gift a Crossbow for Christmas

A recent report says that interest in hunting has increased by 30% thanks to the Pandemic and that one-third of the newcomers are female. Also, many new hunters are just trying things out and a sure way to transform curiosity into a lifetime of adventure is to help them succeed. This motivation is driving sales for hunting gear and a crossbow should be at the top of your list. Here are seven lucky reasons why.

Easy to Learn-

Learning to shoot a crossbow is nearly an “out of the box” experience. If you visit a local archery shop or big box store that sells sporting goods, they can show you how to safely shoot a crossbow in just a few minutes. My seven-year-old grandson loves to shoot a crossbow because he was instantly successful, hitting a bullseye on his very first shot. Shooting a traditional bow and arrow takes lots of practice, yet with a crossbow you can become proficient very quickly.


Shooting a crossbow is somewhat like shooting a firearm, except you do not need ear protection. Eye protection is still a good idea. Care must be taken when cocking a crossbow and keeping fingers from the string, but most models made today have eliminated those dangers. Toy bows operate much the same as the most powerful hunting models so that youngsters and newcomers can learn on a basic model and have the skills to quickly progress.


At Home Practice

Learning to shoot a firearm requires a range or at least a field or vacant lot with a good backstop. Crossbows can be used in a garage, basement, or back yard and practicing does not violate laws in most jurisdictions. I have three types of targets in my back yard including a bag target for routine practice, a foam target to make sure my broadheads fly point-of-aim, and a 3-D deer target so that I can practice aiming at the kill zone from various angles.

No Recoil

Crossbows have little or no recoil so that young shooters do not have to worry about getting “kicked.” Additionally, crossbows are relatively quiet upon release so that there is no startling “bang!” These two factors are huge as you teach newbies the nuances of shooting form. Learning to steady a sight and squeeze a trigger is much easier without young minds wondering about being “kicked.”


Bullets to Broadheads

If you are gifting an experienced firearm shooter, all the better, because that person will likely know the basics of shooting safety and shooting form. It is not uncommon for a skilled shooter to shoot accurately on the first try. Last year, I participated in an accuracy contest put on by TenPoint Crossbows. To qualify for the drawing, each participant got one shot from a brand new TenPoint bow, one they had not shot before, and had to place their arrow inside of a dime-size circle at 15 yards. Five of 25 participants accomplished the feat, a testimony to crossbow accuracy and the TenPoint brand.

Tons of Hunting Time

Many states have a firearm deer season of two-to-three weeks which makes hunters spectators for 49 weeks per year. Bow seasons are often three-to-six months in length which means a hunter can actively enjoy the outdoors even if the pandemic lingers on. Additionally, most states allow the use of crossbows during archery seasons including spring turkey season resulting inexactly the kind of outdoor recreation people seek. If you add in pre-and-post-season scouting, planting of food plots, posting tree stands, and the like, hunting can be a year-round sport and lots of fun even when the seasons are closed.

His and Her Hunting

Crossbows are an equal-opportunity hobby, and you might consider buying two bows instead of one. Advances in technology have made crossbows easier to cock, aim, and shoot. Out-of-state hunts are especially exciting and here is a way to head into the tall-and-uncut with your special someone and hunt for a week or weekend. Once a relationship embraces crossbow hunting, each partner adds to the other’s enjoyment and learning. You will soon be watching outdoor TV shows, YouTube channels, and sharing the details on social media.

Buy a Book as Well

“Crossbow Hunting- A  YouTube Quick Guide” reviews 14 new models, each with a video to explain its advantages in vivid detail. Want the fastest? The least expensive? Recurve or compound- all the information you need to get started in crossbow hunting or to up your game is in this book.
I have nearly a half-century of bowhunting experience and pack this book with shooting and hunting tips. I took a 163-inch whitetail using a Ravin crossbow back when it was a prototype. “Crossbow Hunting- A YouTube Quick Guide” will give you all the information you need to pick the best crossbow for you, get you started, and hone your hunting game. For less than a hamburger, you can have all this information on your phone or computer. Each topic has an accompanied YouTube video for added clarification and will provide hours of reading and watching enjoyment. It is a must-have for any tree-stand sit. Click Here to get started.


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