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5 Guns Every Beginner Should Own

Deciding to purchase your first firearm may be daunting to individuals who don’t have as much experience as others. In a world saturated with firearm manufacturers and dozens of various models, finding the right fit for you can be difficult. Many people might ask, “What is a good gun for beginners?”  

To make it easy on any budding firearm enthusiasts, here’s a list of the top five guns that would be perfect in the hands of any beginners. There’s a large variety of shotguns, rifles, pistols, and firearm accessories to choose from, and finding a blend of each of these categories is ideal for getting the best out of the firearm market. 

Toros Coppola T4 12 Gauge Shotgun  

The Toros Coppola T4 12 gauge shotgun is the perfect addition to a new firearm collection. The gas-operated, semi-automatic firing system allows the user to nail follow-up shots quickly and precisely without any need to rack the slide. This 12 gauge shotgun is modeled after the United States Marine Corps. The M4 shotgun was used to breach doors and in self-defense situations for decades. Capable of holding five shells in the magazine tube with one in the chamber, this shotgun allows for six rounds of twelve gauge to be shot as quickly as the shooter pulls the trigger. Perfect for shooting skeet or home defense, the Toros Coppola T4 12 gauge shotgun is the ideal first shotgun for any beginner to pick up.   

22 Semi-Auto .22 LR 6 5/8 BBL 

The semi-auto pistol has been created with simplicity in mind. This beautiful gun features a blued steel finish reminiscent of the firearms used over the last century. Walnut grips are this gun’s finishing touch, manufactured perfectly for target shooting. The 22 semi-auto pistol fires one of the smallest rounds readily available today, making it ideal for plinking and getting used to shooting a gun. The semi-auto pistol is everything the average beginner needs with simple mechanisms, including a button magazine release and adjustable rear sight. This firearm practically begs to be shot at some cans sitting on the fence; any beginner should have a blast doing so without any issue.  

STD-15 Model 16721 Black 5.56 NATO, 16″ Barrel  

The STD-15 rifle is patterned after the iconic AR-15 design. This makes it a familiar platform for anyone who has ever seen an AR-15. A flat-firing projectile makes light work of any long-range precision shooting. The STD-15 rifle features a 16-inch barrel that is neither the longest nor the shortest option. And allows the gun to be easily maneuvered while still maintaining a long enough barrel for accurately placed shots, making it among the best guns for beginners. However, a 12.5-inch, 14.5, 16.5, and 20-inch barrel is also available to meet all personal preferences.  

1911 Blued, .45 ACP  

Introduced by John Browning in 1911, this model offers its own twist on the classic. Skeletonized hammer and upswept beavertail safety add to the comfort and safety of the shooter. The 1911 has been an iconic firearm for over a century. Used by GIs during both World Wars and well into the Cold War, the gun’s functionality lends to the design’s simplicity and timelessness. It can fire 7+1 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition through a 5-inch barrel and its heavy steel barrel can strongly mitigate any harsh recoil.

Switch Gun .22WMR Single Action Folding Revolver  

This folding gun makes concealment easy in the hands of any aspiring gun enthusiast. The revolver can fold into a concealable package small enough to fit in your pocket at the push of a button. For those concerned that the size of this firearm will make it uncomfortable to shoot, critics and skeptics need not worry. This gun maintains its utility and comfort as the Switch Gun .22WMR folds out with a handle large enough to grasp while shooting comfortably. The gun can fire six shots of .22WMR, which packs a solid punch against assailants. Perfect for both self-defense and concealed carry, this firearm is far and away the top pick among all guns for beginners. When it comes to choosing the right firearm for you – especially as a beginner – you can depend on these options to get you started. Whether it’s for home defense to practice shooting or self-defense and concealed carry, these five firearms are a varied selection to get the attention of any gun novice.

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