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5 Discreet Survival Items You Can Take Almost Anywhere

 In today's world, it is sometimes necessary to avoid looking like a survivalist or a prepper. Carrying items that can make you appear suspicious is not ideal, especially with people being jittery. The new trend is to go gray instead of black. Five discreet items that are highly versatile can be carried almost anywhere, including through metal detectors and on planes. Four items are always good to have, but the fifth one depends on where you are heading. These items cover several aspects of survival and can come in handy in different situations. They won't see you through everything, but they are an excellent start to be more creative in finding multiple uses for your everyday items.

The five items are:

Water Filter: It is trendy to carry around a water bottle these days to reduce plastic use. Carrying a water filtration bottle won't raise any eyebrows. For survival situations, choose a filtration bottle that filters out more than a standard tap water filter. The Lifestraw bottle is the least expensive, SurviMate bottle is moderately priced, and the GRAYL is the holy grail of water filtration bottles, which filters out far more than the others but is expensive and requires replacing the filter after filtering 60-70 gallons.

Lighter: Making fire can mean the difference between life and death. It is essential to have at least one lighter with you. It doesn't have to be expensive; grab a few from a gas station or Walmart.

First Aid Kit: This varies based on your needs. If you require life-saving medication, you must have extra with you at all times. A personal first aid kit must contain an epi-pen for life-threatening allergies, bandaids for blisters, a small Altoid tin of OTC meds, and a little vacuum-sealed kit that has what is needed to stop heavy bleeding. You will want shears for cutting away clothing, a compression bandage, a tourniquet, an emergency blanket, some extra gauze, and perhaps some chest seal. Being able to stop bleeding can be the most life-saving skill.

Mini Flashlight: Nearly any situation is better if you can see. Carrying a flashlight can come in handy, and it's better to have one on you than not. The best kind is the one that takes common batteries like AA or AAA.

Pocket Knife: A pocket knife is unlikely to raise any eyebrows in most places. It's an excellent multipurpose tool and can be used for everyday tasks, opening packages, or mail. It can also be used for self-defense. It's advisable to take courses to learn how to use one for protection, and you must carry it legally.

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