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5.11 Physical Training-Ready Review:  5.11 Tactical PT-R Weight Kit 50 LB Tested

PT-R Weight Kit

The 5.11 PT-R has been a part of my daily fitness routine for the last nine months or so. I know I have not been utilizing it as much as I should, but every day around lunch time, I spend about 15 minutes lifting right next to my desk mostly as a stress relief more than anything else.  Picking up a large 50 lb. bag and being able to toss it up over my shoulders and slamming it down on the ground seems to work out any stress that I am having on any given day. 

5.11 Tactical PT-R Weight Kit 50 Lb – Physical Training-Ready Specifications

The PT-R Weight kit is basically a 3-in-1 weight set. The PT-R fully set up can be either 50 lbs. or 100 lbs. depending on the size you choose. Inside of the large bag are two smaller bags that can be used for kettlebell workouts. I you remove the sand you can travel with this kit just about anywhere you go. All you need to do is add sand which can be purchased at just about any hardware store like Ace, Home Depot or Lowes.  

According to 5.11 these are perfect for enlisting in the training lifestyle. The PT-R Weight Kit 50 comes with Ready Bag as well as tow PT-R 25 liners capable of holding 25 pounds of sand which you need to purchase yourself. The liners can be used Individually as training weights and feature roll-top opening which make these easy to set up and 100% leak proof so sand will not be everywhere when you work out. The bags feature eight reinforced non-slip handles that are suited for a variety of workouts and offer double-layer reinforcement on bottom and end panels. You can basically throw these around and never worry about the wear and tear of these bags.

PT-R Dimensions

4″H x 28″L x 9″D
1282 cubic in / 21-liter total capacity
Weight: 1.19 kg (bag + 2 liners)

1050D NylonHeavy duty Physical Training Ready bag with 2 PT-R 50 pound liners includedDual PT-R Liners can be used separately or placed inside the weight bagDual contrast colored PT-R Liners can be used separately or placed inside the weight bagRoll top liners allow for easy fillReinforced non-slip grab handlesSingle side opening with protected zipperNo hardware design for comfort and durabilityImported

These come in Black and Kangaroo; the inner liners will be the opposite color of the outer liner.  If you order the black outer bag the two bags inside will come in Kangaroo. Just be aware of this as it has nothing to do with form or function. The 50 lb. bag is just under $140.00 and the 100 lb. bag is just under $160.00. There are often deals around that you can find these for less. The lowest we have seen the 50 lb. bag was $112 on a President’s Day sale directly through the 5.11 website. You can pick up playground sand from your local store for around $5.00 so filling these bags is not expensive. 


I set these bags on a scale and filled them one at a time to 25 lb. each. Then I knew the weights were even. The process of filling the bags took all of about 10 minutes. The Velcro opening on these is then sealed and folded over with even more Velcro. As long as you are focused and tight with what you are doing these will never leak out sand. My wife was worried the sand might leak out over the carpet, but none has come out of these bags since I filled them nine months ago.

The two PT-R 25 lb. liners fit inside the PT-R 50 Liner forming the entire weight kit. This allows you to zip them in and you can do everything from traditional barbell weight exercises to crossfit exercises. You can pull out the two 25 lb. bags and do kettle ball exercises. This gives you many options without having to worry about damaging anything using solid weights. The kit can travel with you to the mountains, the beach or on trips; all you need is more sand.

PT-R Workout

There really is no stopping you with the PT-R Weight Kit. I have been using this to gain some strength in my arms, back, chest, shoulders and even legs. Doing squats, lunges, and just about any other exercises with the PT-R system is relatively easy and you don’t have to worry about injuries with this system like you would a bar. I have dropped these on my feet and the sand just kind of rolls off; while it’s not comfortable, it’s not going to damage you like a steel plate.

The PT-R is not stiff and hard so the bag or bags are going to work out a much more diverse set of muscles than a steel kettlebell or a barbell and hand weights will do. Giving more opportunity to strengthen your hands and arm muscles and the system is a little gentler on your body. As weight shifts around based on how you hold it you will get a more nuanced workout across a wider set of muscles. 5.11’s motto is to “Always Be Ready” and the use of the PT-R helps you to accomplish that with dynamic workouts wherever you are.

Conclusion I found the PT-R Weight Kit to be a tremendous tool for both exercise and stress release in the office. In a 12’ by 12’ office this exercise equipment is small enough to fit right beside my desk without taking up noticeable space. It’s dimensions of 28” by 9” by 4” it sits up against my desk and only takes a up a very small amount of space. Without sand it rolls up easily and fits in my luggage. I don’t need to leave the house to use it and I can easily take it out into the yard and work out outside or inside my office when the weather is miserable. Reducing mid-day stress is as easy as grabbing the 5.11 PT-R and getting in 15 – 25 minutes of really high intensity workout.

Here a few exercises worth researching that you can do with the 50lb Physical Training-Ready PT-R Weight Kit:

• Floor Bench Press
• Chair Bent-Over Row
• Deadlift
• Back Squat
• Overhead Press
• Lunge
• Power Clean

Meadows RowHang Clean Meadows RowHang CleanHang SnatchShrugs (Front/Rear)Rack PullsBent-Over Underhand Barbell RowBarbell Curl (Close and Wide) Reverse curlSpider CurlsBarbell Forearm CurlsFront Squat Back SquatDeadliftSnatch Grip DeadliftLunges (Forward/back)Side LungesSingle-Leg Calf RaiseBarbell Standing Calf RaiseJavelin PressBarbell Shoulder PressUp Right RowsLandmine Shoulder PressFront Barbell RaisesBarbell Rear Deltoid Raise

Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Curl

Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell Surrender

Kettlebell Lift

Kettlebell Armbar

Kettlebell Halo

Kettlebell Russian Twist

Kettlebell Spartan Sit

Kettlebell Sidewinder

Kettlebell Bootstrappers

Kettlebell Starfish Reach

Kettlebell Shrimp

Kettlebell Skullcrusher

Kettlebell Racked Step Ups

Kettlebell V Ups

Kettlebell Static

Kettlebell Clean

Kettlebell Squat

Kettlebell Halo

Kettlebell Walk

Kettlebell Spartan SIt

Kettlebell Sidewinder

Kettlebell Slasher

Crossfit Exercises with the PT-R



Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Overhead Press

Back Squat


Squat Jerk

Split Jerk

Barbell Row

Bag Toss

Bag Run

Bag Walk


Reverse Lunge

Side Lunge

Cutsey Lunge

Single-Leg Deadlift

Deadlift and Squat

Burpee and Snatch

Squat and Shoulder Press

Sumo Squat

Glute Bridge

Lateral Pull

Russian Twist & Toss

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